Finished Reads #6

finishedFinished Reads time! In these posts I do mini reviews of the last few books I’ve read. In this edition I’m reviewing the last five read books. Each book receives a star rating from 1 to 5 stars. 5 being the best- a fucking masterpiece! Let’s get started.

The Last Mission by Z. Lundy- A contract killer falls for her target. This plot was anything but simple, trust me. I would put The Last Mission under the “dark” reads category because this wasn’t your typical romance. Everything leading up to the final two chapters was intriguing, but the ending wasn’t my cup of tea. I am interested enough to find out what happens next. 3.5 Stars

All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven- This was a YA Contemporary novel that focused on mental illness, grief, and falling in love. I was devastated by the ending… even though I knew it was coming, it still hurt. 3.5 Stars

Before We Were Strangers by Renee Carlino- This novel rocked my fucking world! it was everything a great love story should be; passionate, intense, and unforgettable. I was completely immersed in this “lost connection” romance. I finished this book in a day. 5 Stars

Lucian Divine by Renee Carlino- My name is Se’Quasha and I love Renee Carlino’s novels. Hashtag Straight Addict Status! Lucian Divine was essentially about a woman falling in love with her guardian angel. Before you roll your eyes, just read the damn book because it’s amazing! I wasn’t really digging the ending, but the story was still hella close to being perfect. 4.5 Stars

Swear On This Life by Renee Carlino- Wasn’t able to add this to my Current Reads post because I finished it. Lol. Hashtag Blogger Problems. This novel was about a woman who discovers that her first love wrote a book… about their history. I really dug it. 4 Stars

Cheers, homies!

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Finished Reads #3

stacksHere are the mini reviews for the last eight books I’ve read. My rating system goes from a 1 star (horrible), all the way to 5 stars (pure epicness). Let’s get started.

Biker’s Librarian by Shyla Colt- I was fully immersed in the M.C. world that Ms. Colt created. Biker’s Librarian was an emotionally charged, passionate story that had me wishing I were a librarian. Juliette and Shooter were two strong characters, and their romantic connection was undeniable. The story was a bit slow at times, and the ending was rushed, but other than that I dug the book. 3.5 Stars

The Wife Of A Texas Hustler by Mesha Mesh- I was completely entertained by this read. The characters were beyond memorable, and did things that caused a strong reaction out of me. I was so caught up in their shenanigans, and loved every second of it. I thought there were too many time skips in the novel, which was a bit confusing. And there were definitely some grammatical errors that needed to be edited out. Besides that, this was a really fun read. I’m definitely going to check out more of Ms. Mesh’s work. 3.5 Stars

Asleep by Banana Yoshimoto- Magical Realism is a genre that takes some getting used to, but, I’m glad Asleep was my gateway drug. Ms. Yoshimoto is a unique writer. This short story collection was delightful, colorful, and imaginative. One story was a bit of a let down, but otherwise this was a dope collection. 3.5 Stars

Outsiders by Tammy Ferebee- Absorbing, complex, and daring perfectly describes this YA/Sci-Fi novel. The story was a refreshing take on diversity done right in a novel. From the start of the novel, to its explosive conclusion, I was hooked. This was Ms. Ferebee’s first novel; she definitely has a promising career ahead of her. 4.5 Stars

Witching Hour Theatre by Jonathan Janz- Seriously, I LOVE Mr. Janz’s work. I’m pretty much going to buy everything he puts out. I enjoyed this novel. Witching Hour Theatre was creepy as hell, and I loved the concept of a horror story taking place during a horror movie marathon. The novella had an old-school feel to it, which I dug. 3.5 Stars

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher- This controversial novel came highly recommended, and I’m glad I read it. From the synopsis we learn the fate of one of the protagonists, Hannah Baker. Even knowing that her demise was imminent, I was still affected when it happened. This novel was almost like a cautionary tale, and I loved it. 4 Stars

My Life So Far by Jane Fonda- Ms. Fonda is a straight up gangsta! Anyone who could be transparent about their flaws, and failures, well I have a ton of respect for them. I know that I’m going to go back and highlight, and make notes. Loved this autobiography. 5 Stars

One Wild Ride: Lords Of Mayhem Book 2 by Shyla Colt- This was the second book in the Lords Of Mayhem series; Biker’s Librarian was the first book. In this book we’re introduced to Joey, and Moose, best friends of the couple from Biker’s Librarian. Joey and Moose were so magnetic. I totally adored their story. They dealt with their fair share of drama, but the ending was a happy- and satisfying, one. 3.5 Stars

Cheers, homies!

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Finished Reads #1

So far 2017 has been a bossome reading year, and it can only get better from here. This post highlights the books I’ve read and completed.

chasing Chasing Moonlight by Raven St. Pierre- This novel was well written and expertly  researched. It’s obvious that a lot of time and thought went into this book. Historical romances aren’t really my thing, but after reading Chasing Moonlight my mind has been changed. The story is about the undeniable connection and love between Quinn, and Jesse. Being an interracial couple in the forties was understandably problematic, and Ms. St. Pierre definitely exposes the reader to the harshness of that time. The love between Quinn and Jesse was just what I needed to lose myself in, especially because of all the bs going on currently in the world. 5 Stars

prep Prep & Prejudice by Miren B. Flores- I enjoy Ms. Flores’ writing style. Her characters are always so relatable. Andrea- our main protagonist, takes a much needed vacation and runs into someone from her past. What happens next is a totally fun and romantic story. 3 Stars

you-getYou Get So Alone At Times That It Just Makes Sense by Charles Bukowski- I adore this poetry collection so much! Mr. Bukowski’s poetry is guttural and addictive. I haven’t had my fill and I’m still wanting more. He had such a fantastic way with words, and seemed like a really cool dude. The man was just so real. No bullshit. No pretenses. Just straight truth and realness. 5 Stars

la Collecting The Pieces by L. A. Fiore- In the tale of a woman finding love twice, Ms. Fiore takes the reader on a trip to “The damn feels” island. This novel had my emotions all over the damn place. After reading certain chapters I felt drained and completely gutted. Ms. Fiore took a set of circumstances that could’ve been translated poorly, and made it believable. I rooted for Sidney- the main protagonist, and I wanted her to overcome and succeed. 4.5 Stars

Cheers, homies!

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