Writing Playlist #18

sade I came up with this playlist a few weeks back. I was just trying to come up with something dope. Sade and Depeche Mode go so well together!

1. No Ordinary Love- Sade

2. Stripped- Depeche Mode

3. Your Love Is King- Sade

4. I Am You- Depeche Mode

5. Smooth Operator- Sade

6. I Want It All- Depeche Mode

7. The Sweetest Taboo- Sade

8. Dream On- Depeche Mode

9. Cherish The Day- Sade

10. Rush- Depeche Mode

11. Like A Tattoo- Sade

12. Cover Me- Depeche Mode

13. Kiss Of Life- Sade

14. Home- Depeche Mode

15. Babyfather- Sade

16. In Your Room- Depeche Mode

17. Hang On To Your Love- Sade

18. Sweetest Perfection- Depeche Mode

19. Is It A Crime- Sade

20. To Have And To Hold- Depeche Mode

21. Never As Good As The First Time- Sade

22. Sister Of Night- Depeche Mode 

modeCheers, homies!


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Writing Playlist #17

Fiona I haven’t put together a writing playlist in quite some time, but trust, a sista has been getting her writing on. I’ve been keeping myself busy with writing. If only my social life was just as exciting. Oh well. Anyhoo, this playlist revolves around the hella talented, Ms. Fiona Apple.

1. Jonathan

2. Sleep To Dream

3. On The Bound

4. Slow Like Honey

5. Get Gone

6. Pale September

7. A Mistake

8. Werewolf

9. The First Taste

10. To Your Love

11. The Child Is Gone

12. Criminal

13. The Way Things Are

14. Fast As You Can

15. Paper Bag

16. Carrion

17. Shadowboxer

18. Limp

19. Never Is A Promise

20. Love Ridden

21. Better Version Of Me

22. Sullen Girl

Cheers, homies!

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Writing Playlist #13

goThis playlist is hard rock themed with a side of metal.

1. Stranded- Gojira

2. Blood Eagle Wings- Anthrax

3. I Hope You Suffer- AFI

4. The Day I Tried To Live- Soundgarden

5. Dark Matter- Straight Line Stich

6. Die With Me- Type O Negative

7. Dead Memories- Slipknot

8. Ride The Lightning- Metallica

9. Am I Inside- Alice In Chains

10. Tongue-Tied- Earshot

11. Pressure- Staind

12. No Fun- Crippled Black Phoenix

13. Never Leave- Seether

14. One Of Us Is The Killer- The Dillinger Escape Plan

15. Wildfire- P.O.D.

16. Survivalism- Nine Inch Nails

17. Soraya- Animals As Leaders

18. Kashmir- Oceans Of Slumber

19. Dying In Your Arms- Trivium

20. Zero Signal- Fear Factory

21. Ghostrider- Rollins Band

22. Addicted To Pain- Alter Bridge

23. Head- Otep

24. Vow- Militia Vox

25. You Lied- Tool

Cheers, homies!

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Writing Playlist#12

ninetiesThis playlist has a nineties theme. A majority of these songs were featured in heavy rotation on both radio, and MTV. 🙂

1. Lightning Crashes- Live

2. Hooch- Melvins

3. Tomorrow- Silverchair

4. Knockin’ Da’ Boots- H-Town

5. That’s The Way Love Goes- Janet Jackson

6. Novocaine  For The Soul- Eels

7. Comforter- Shai

8. Cumbersome- Seven Mary Three

9. Tell Me- Groove Theory

10. Greedy Fly- Bush

11. I’ll Stick Around- Foo Fighters

12. Sober- Tool

13. Hey Man, Nice Shot- Filter

14. Closer- Nine Inch Nails

15. You- Candlebox

16. Mysterious Ways- U2

17. Cherub Rock- Smashing Pumpkins

18. Clean My Wounds- Corrosion Of Conformity

19. Trigger Happy Jack- Poe

20. Secret- Madonna

21. Weak- SWV

22. Guilty- Gravity Kills

23. Warped- Red Hot Chili Peppers

24. Creep- TLC

25. Doll Parts- Hole

26. Loser- Beck

27. Feel The Funk- Immature

28. Naked Eye- Luscious Jackson

29. Gotta Get Away- The Offspring

30. Longview- Green Day

31. Gel- Collective Soul

32. I Get Around- Tupac Shakur

33. Superman’s Dead- Our Lady Peace

34. Stay- Jodeci

35. Lithium- Nirvana

Cheers, homies!


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Writing Wrap-Up 2016

ernestWriting wise this year has been totally zany. I mean there have definitely been moments of bossness, and there have been writing sessions that should be filed under the clusterfuck label. I’m going to start with the negative and end with the positive. So, here’s my writing wrap-up the for strange year that is 2016.

More than any other year 2016 produced a horrible writer’s block season. Depression for sure assisted with that task. This summer- as I’ve talked  about in a previous post, I lost everything that makes a writer want to write… and it scared the hell out of me. For close to three months I didn’t work on the novel that I really wanted to finish this year. The desire to do anything with it had left my ass. Thankfully, my passion for my book was reignited… unfortunately another year is ending, and I’m not done with the novel. I have felt like a loser because of this, but I’m just going to attempt not to drown in this failure. I will finish this book, and next year has to be the year. There have been so many contributing factors to not finishing my book, but doubt has been the main thing. I have to learn how to overcome that annoying little gnat, and I will.

I’ve really loved writing short stories this year. I only wrote four of them, but I’m really enthusiastic about creating more stories. My goal for 2017 is to write as many stories as I can. I really want to do a few genre bending stories. I want to explore. I want to dive into uncharted territories with my writing.

I’m ready for an amazing year of writing in 2017!

Cheers, homies!


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The Slump

batman  Writing has always been my tool for escapism, and self-medicating in a sense. When everything else in life turned to shit, writing was always there to pick up the pieces. Writing is a constant companion who has never let me down, and I’ve grown to really lean on it during difficult times. So when I experienced signs of a writing slump early this summer, well I wasn’t too concerned… at first. Two weeks then went by without wrist movement, but that was quickly blamed on health issues.

Once a month passed panic began to set in. Writer’s block not only had reared its ugly head, but my enthusiasm for writing had went out the door. Writing was the last thing on my mind and I wasn’t used to that. I couldn’t find the passion to work on anything. Briefly I would look over my work, but I wasn’t inspired enough to add to anything.

“What’s the point? You suck at writing anyway, Se’Quasha.”

When I first heard that bitch, aka my inner editor, I was wondering what the hell?! The bitch was coming in loud and clear. I was feeling so down and defeated that I started listening to her negative rants.

“How long have you been working on your book? You’ll never finish it. Your short stories suck way more than your novel does. Again what’s the point? You’re wasting your time. No one is going to read anything from you anyway.”

Depression and anxiety had given me a kick to the gut, but my insecurities vocalized brought me to my knees. All those things were a crushing weight and I felt trapped.

Going into month two I was trying to take notes for certain stories, but that was me trying to hold on to my work.

“If you quit who will blame you? You have all these health issues and it’s just too much. Just quit.”

Then I said to myself that Jackie Collins wrote five best-sellers while battling stage four breast cancer. She wrote, she promoted, and she still found the time to uplift others. The woman was a fighter and if she could do it… then so could I.

As of today I’m back to working on my novel and short stories. I still hear that negative voice, but now I’m more proactive with ignoring it, and continuing on. I also watch videos about other writers who have dealt with insecurities, and depression. Anyone will tell you that writing while dealing with depression is hard, but not impossible. So I just keep on keeping on one word, one sentence, and one page at a time.

Cheers, homies!


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Life Drama And Writing

I’ve often said that writing is my therapy; sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps me sane, and hopeful. Nothing stops the ink from flowing like life drama. Most of my writer’s block episodes happen because of the drama going on within, and around me.

Drama belongs in books and TV shows… other than that I avoid it like the plague. I’m not very argumentative or confrontational because I dread dealing with chaotic situations. If someone disagrees with me on a certain topic, it’s like okay whatever. I don’t give a hot damn if you think Roman Reigns sucks. I think- wait a sec I’m totally getting off subject here as usual. 😀 Basically drama just makes me shut down.

At the first of the year I decided to write more, but 2016 being the overly dramatic cunt that she is had other plans for me. Those plans had appeared in the form of life and family drama. I live with my egg donor- my mother, and sometimes the mother/daughter dynamic doesn’t allow a fruitful session of writing. After an intense argument back in March with the egg donor, I stopped writing for three weeks. She touched the exposed nerve that all writers seem to have… she hinted that I was wasting my time writing. I was so exhausted and hurt by our verbal exchange that I lost my damn mojo.

Prayer, and pep talks from my buds really helped me. Soon after I was back to creating magic on those white pages.

All was “well” until this past weekend. Once again drama was dropped on my plate, and I seriously didn’t remember ordering it off the menu. I was already feeling a little depressed and anxious, so getting into another argument was temporarily crippling.

After I had a little talk with Jesus (yass, praise Him), I made a promise to myself. No longer will I allow life drama, family drama, or anything else to stop my show. I’m not getting any younger and I have to press on.

Don’t let anything or anyone stop you from progressing.

Cheers, homies.

A Few Writing Bits

notebook For the past two weeks my writing has really gotten me thru some rough times. I’m thankful that I’ve been able to keep the pen moving. The encouragement I’ve received from my buds has been such a blessing. A little known fact; sometimes it takes a small village to keep a writer going. Ooh, I wonder if Octavia E. Butler, or Ernest Hemingway got by with a little help from their friends? 🙂 No one is obligated to dig my shit, or pretend that everything I’m writing is pure magic. I have buds who read my work, and always give me great feedback. Their help has been invaluable.

Here’s a little info on what I’ve been doing with my writing life.

Novel: I’ve been loving working on my novel these past two weeks. I haven’t been stressed out at all, which happens quite often with me. My leading lady and leading man- main characters, have become their own individuals, versus being just my creations. They’re starting to shine like the stars they are! I’m blessed that Karrine, and Alex are a part of my life.

Poetry: Things have been lacking in the poetry department. Poetry comes relatively easy for me, but lately I’ve just been focused on other things. I definitely need to get my shit together and work on my poetry.

Short Stories: Last year’s goal was to write a short story each week. I failed, but I’m determined to get back on that horse! I’m trying again, but this time my goal is to write two shorties (what I call short stories) per month. I have two that I’m ecstatic to be starting.

Erotica/Love Scenes: Your gurl has some strange anxiety about writing sex scenes, but I’m determined to shut that ish all the way down… once and for all! My problem is that I tend to overthink writing sex scenes, and they tend to come off cold, and too technical. My plan is to start studying all the literary erotic scenes that make me wish I was in the scene. I’m also going to watch videos on YouTube regarding how to write great scenes. I will be victorious, dang it!

Cheers, homies!

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The BS That Aspiring Writers Deal With

typeish To me, an aspiring writer is someone diligently working on making their dreams come true, no matter what. Whether they want to be a playwright, screenwriter, or published author, an aspiring writer gives their all. They’re simply working on their craft, and are trying to become established. I believe that although writers are born with a gift, it’s important to feed the beast on a daily basis.

Sometimes we up and comers are belittled for putting so much energy into a “hobby”. True, I’m not getting paid for creating worlds that only I inhabit, but I will. Writing is way more than just a hobby for me. I put my heart and soul into this writing thing. I’m not screwing around. I just don’t get why aspiring writers are not always respected. Writing is a better vice than smoking crack, or shooting up heroin. And yet aspiring writers are continuously being shitted on by those closest to them.

I want to let my fellow writers know that they should ignore the bs. The ones disrespecting your talent, and craft today will be the same ones trying to leech off you later. Now, go and write something dope!

Cheers, homies!



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Writing Goals For 2016

My favorite scripture is Philippians 4:13… I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  Believe me when I say I’ll be leaning on the Lord to keep me motivated- writing wise. Here’s a list of my writing goals for 2016.

1. I will completely finish my novel.

2. I want to self-publish a volume of poetry.

3. I want to start and complete a new short story each month.

4. I plan to start work on a new novel.

Now here’s a list of excuses that TRY to prevent a sista from being great.

1. Procrastination: I have to become more disciplined. Time isn’t a luxury and I can’t waste it.

2. Self-Doubt: I refuse to entertain self-doubt anymore. I’m bossome, damn it! I have some amazing stories to share. I can do this!

3. Health Issues: I will do as much as possible on my down days. There’s nothing wrong with taking notes, and researching in bed. I’m determined not to allow my health issues to keep me from reaching my goals. Jackie Collins- iconic author extraordinaire, wrote, and promoted six novels while battling stage four breast cancer. If she did it then I can kick some ass too!

4. Writer’s Block: I’ll take notes or something. As long as I keep writing the muse will always return.

5. Balance My Writing Resource Book Reading: Writing resource books are helpful, but I’m going to do more writing,  instead of reading about how to be a better writer.

Cue the Rocky theme song! It’s on!

Cheers, homies!