The Ninth Wonder Of The World

chyna Hearing that former WWE/WWF Superstar, Chyna, aka “The Ninth Wonder Of The World” had passed away, I was terribly saddened. During my teen years I was a major fan of hers. Chyna was such a spectacular athlete, and a captivating performer. During the “Attitude Era” of the WWE/WWF, Chyna was one of the biggest stars of the game.

Watching her evolve from one of the first female enforcers, to an industry pioneer was an incredible thing to witness.

Chyna changed the rules for female wrestlers, and she broke ground in so many unique ways. Chyna was the only woman in WWE/WWF history to be a participant in the Royal Rumble, and the King Of The Ring. She’s the only woman that has held the Intercontinental Championship more than once. And not only was she a Women’s Champion, but she also was a contender for the then WWF Championship.

Chyna kicked ass in all directions throughout her career with the WWE/WWF.

I just wanted to drop a few lines for her in tribute. Rest in peace to a true badass, game changer, a revolutionary athlete. Rest easy, Chyna Doll.

Cheers, homies.


Image Credit- People Magazine