New Posts In 2018

2018 Hi, homies! I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m on a small break from blogging. However, starting in the new year I’ll be bringing more bossome content to you. Of course there’s going to be book and music themed posts as usual. I also plan to do more posts about mental health, self-care, films, TV shows, and all kinds of other ish. 😀 Thanks so much for loving and supporting Divinely Bossome! Wishing my homies a bossome holiday season!

Peace and love,



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Writing Playlist #15

Cars This playlist features music from a timeless, creative, and eclectic band, The Cars. I love this band so much!! They have such a distinctive and layered sound; their songs are like mini new-wave masterpieces. The Cars are seriously the easiest band to write to. Can’t wait to jam while the ink flows.

1. Dangerous Type

2. Moving In Stereo

3. Drive

4. You Can’t Hold On To Long

5. Candy-O

6. You’re All I’ve Got Tonight

7. Since I Held You

8. Why Can’t I Have You

9. Hello Again

10. Bye Bye Love

11. Magic

12. Lust For Kicks

13. Looking For Love

14. Fine Line

15. You Might Think

16. Up And Down

17. Go Away

18. Shake It Up

19. Blue Tip

20. My Best Friend’s Girl

21. Let’s Go

22. Good Times Roll

Shoutout to bassist Benjamin Orr (RIP).

Cheers, homies!

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     Hi! I just wanted to say thanks to my homies for following my blog. I know I haven’t been consistent with my posts. To be honest I’ve just been so drained lately; more emotional than physical.
     By the end of the week I should have some new posts coming. Can’t wait to get back to blogging!
     Cheers, homies!

Life Drama And Writing

I’ve often said that writing is my therapy; sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps me sane, and hopeful. Nothing stops the ink from flowing like life drama. Most of my writer’s block episodes happen because of the drama going on within, and around me.

Drama belongs in books and TV shows… other than that I avoid it like the plague. I’m not very argumentative or confrontational because I dread dealing with chaotic situations. If someone disagrees with me on a certain topic, it’s like okay whatever. I don’t give a hot damn if you think Roman Reigns sucks. I think- wait a sec I’m totally getting off subject here as usual. 😀 Basically drama just makes me shut down.

At the first of the year I decided to write more, but 2016 being the overly dramatic cunt that she is had other plans for me. Those plans had appeared in the form of life and family drama. I live with my egg donor- my mother, and sometimes the mother/daughter dynamic doesn’t allow a fruitful session of writing. After an intense argument back in March with the egg donor, I stopped writing for three weeks. She touched the exposed nerve that all writers seem to have… she hinted that I was wasting my time writing. I was so exhausted and hurt by our verbal exchange that I lost my damn mojo.

Prayer, and pep talks from my buds really helped me. Soon after I was back to creating magic on those white pages.

All was “well” until this past weekend. Once again drama was dropped on my plate, and I seriously didn’t remember ordering it off the menu. I was already feeling a little depressed and anxious, so getting into another argument was temporarily crippling.

After I had a little talk with Jesus (yass, praise Him), I made a promise to myself. No longer will I allow life drama, family drama, or anything else to stop my show. I’m not getting any younger and I have to press on.

Don’t let anything or anyone stop you from progressing.

Cheers, homies.

Thanking My Homies

      I truly have the greatest group of friends. They’ve given me so much love and encouragement. 2016 so far has been challenging, but I’m beyond thankful for their support. And even when they’re dealing with their own bs… they still lift me up, and that’s so amazing to me. I thank God for my buds. I love them very much. May God bless and keep my bossome group of friends. 🙂

Alternative Black Girl Tag

The Alternative Black Girl Tag was created by one of my fav YouTubers, RyMingTahn (pronounced Remington). The tag was started to celebrate the uniquely original black women of the world; the ones who are often overlooked. We are sistas who are free-spirited, rock wild hair colors, we tend to be unconventional, and listen to all genres of music. Of course there’s more to it than my description, but you get the idea. I may not have the “alternative” look, but I totally am someone who marches to the beat of my own drum. I don’t have a YouTube channel, so I decided to just post this tag on the blogy blog.

1. How did you know that you were different?

I’ve known I was different since I was five. I’ve always been into things that others weren’t. I just had this feeling that I wasn’t like everyone else.

2. Do people judge you?

In high school my “blackness” was questioned because I rocked Metallica shirts. Being judged now on my alternativeness isn’t so much of an issue.

3. What does your family think?

My immediate family don’t really care, but my distant relatives seem to think I’m odd.

4. How do you stay true to yourself?

I do whatever is in my heart to do. No matter what I have to be me.

5. Who and what inspires you?

Any individual who lives life on their own terms inspires me. I’m also heavily influenced by literature, music, art, spirituality, and philosophy. More than anything though the message of love from Jesus is inspiring; and I’m trying to love others the way he loves.

6. What does your significant other think?

I’m single now, but I’m sure my future mate would appreciate my uniqueness.

This was really fun to do. I hope RyMingTahn comes out with a part two. 🙂

Cheers, homies!

Missing Her #1

I was raised by an incredible woman, my great-grandmother. She was beyond inspirational in every way possible. And Big Mama was such a positive woman of faith; my relationship with God was established through her. Today would have been her 102nd birthday. Although she passed ten years ago I think about her everyday. She was an amazing woman and I miss her so much.


Top 10 Lists

I’m someone who just loves to put together lists. I also enjoy shows that do list style countdowns on whatever I’m interested in. I’ve been working on a few lists that I would like to post on the blogy blog. These lists have really made me use my brain, for realz. I’ve enjoyed putting them together. The first few will be posted this weekend.

Cheers, homies!

The Woman Who Loved Candles

Candles are a great mood setter; plus they engage the senses. I adore a delightful, bossome smelling, and long-lasting candle. Personally, I love for my bedroom to smell like a bakery, or a men’s department store fragrance counter. That gives you a little insight into what I dig scent wise. In this post I’m sharing a few of my candle staples.

     Bath & Body Works candles give me life! They’re a bit on the expensive side, but they usually have good sales. All candle lovers should sign up for the B&BW emails. At the right time their coupon discounts are on point. Normally the three wick candles are $22.00, but sometimes they go as low as $10.00. Mahogany Teakwood is my fav B&BW candle. The key notes are mahogany, oak, and frosted lavender. Basically the scent of Mahogany Teakwood reminds me of a man coming out the shower. And the candle is so potent because it’s heavily oil concentrated. This candle isn’t for someone who doesn’t dig strong scents. The way the delicate lavender notes mixes with the woodsy notes is unbelievable. Ooh wee, I love this candle!


     Wal Mart never came to mind when I thought about making candle purchases; but they have fantastic candles. 719 Walnut Avenue (located by the Glade candles) is Wal Mart’s answer to B&BW’s three wick candles. The price point is just under $5.00 so you can fill up that shopping cart! There are three scents that I’m overly obsessed with: Pumpkin Waffles, Rustic Lakehouse, and Mahogany Driftwood.

Pumpkin Waffles has key notes of maple syrup, brown sugar, and of course pumpkin waffles. The candle makes any room smell like a decadent dessert. The scent is long-lasting, mouthwatering, but not overwhelming.


Rustic Lakehouse is everything! I’ve gone through two candles since November, and I’m getting more. Rustic Lakehouse is another cologne type scent, with key notes of cedar, citrus, and green moss. Citrus isn’t usually my thing, but it’s a subtle background note of this candle. Long after you’ve blown out this candle the scent lingers.


Mahogany Driftwood is an obvious rip-off B&BW’s Mahogany Teakwood. Driftwood with its key notes of mahogany, cedar, and florals has a slightly lighter scent than Teakwood. With Driftwood the floral notes seem to run the show, which is totally fine with me.


For a future post I’ll talk about Scentsy. I’m wanting to try out some of their wax melts. A consultant for Scentsy that I watch on YouTube, sent out a catalog, and I know I’m in trouble.

Cheers, homies! 🙂