My Top 5 Massive Attack Jamz

massiveMassive Attack is fucking fantastic! The legendary musical pioneers have an infectious sound that is equally poetic, and gorgeous. I’m working on a few posts for the blog that are MA themed, so stay tuned. In the meantime let’s get to these jamz!

5. Safe From Harm- The opening beat is seductive and raw. And the vocals? Lawd!!!! The vocals were soulful and sophisticated. Love this!

4. Paradise Circus- A sinfully delicious jam that will intoxicate all who hear it.

3. Dissolved Girl- Lush. Layered. Inviting. And beautifully dark.

2. Saturday Come Slow- The intro has an acoustic guitar with the prettiest tone. It’s such a somber and tender song.

1. Mezzanine- I would love to bathe myself in the notes of this song. Fucking hell, it’s everything! 3D and Daddy G are the owners of the sexiest voices in music. Those mofo’s will pull you in and won’t let go. This song owns me, seriously.

If you’re a fan please share your fav jamz by the band.

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5 Albums I’m Loving

Music has been rocking my world so hardcore as of late. 2018 has definitely been a year filled with dope new music. I just wanted to share the 5 albums that I’m obsessed with.

AM5. Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino by Arctic Monkeys- I swear this album has psychotherapeutic powers, because I’m over here feeling all kinds of relaxed. Tranquility… has only been three days and I’m overdosing on it! I’m really digging the piano driven, chilled out jamz. All the tracks are drowning in seventies inspired dopeness, and I’m over here shook! Released May 11, 2018

Oceans 4. The Banished Heart by Oceans of Slumber- I’d been waiting patiently for this album, and since the release I’ve been playing it endlessly. OoS are incredibly talented and have created a modern day metal masterpiece. Each track is powerful, emotive, and unrelenting. Released March 2, 2018

apc3. Eat The Elephant by A Perfect Circle- I didn’t think we music fans would ever be blessed with another APC album, but dreams do come true, homies. Lol. From start to finish the listener is taken on a beautiful journey, that leaves you wanting more. The album is a bit different than what I expected. There’s ton of piano laced tracks, but I’m not complaining. Lyrically, musically, Eat The Elephant is damn near perfect. Released April 20, 2018

janelle 2. Dirty Computer by Janelle Monae- This album is bursting apart with technicolor. There are pop, alternative r&b, and hip-hop elements, and they’re giving me life! Each song is better than the one that came before it. I’m losing myself in its epicness! “Take A Byte” should be jammed to at a ridiculously high volume. Trust me! Released April 27, 2018

tess 1. Sonder by TesseracT- I discovered this progressive metal band on a YouTube reaction channel. I was instantly addicted to their sound. I needed this band’s music… because I’d been in a difficult season of depression. And they came and slayed my ass in the best way imaginable. Tess is an incredible fucking band! Sonder is an excellent mix of shadow and light. There are tunes that makes me want to throw up them horns, and then there’s songs that make me close my eyes, and just drift, ya dig? Released April 20, 2018

What albums are rocking your world?

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My Top 5 Depeche Mode Albums

dmodeDeep within me there’s a love for Depeche Mode that will never go away. DM’s music has been an important part of my life’s narrative. I’m grateful for being introduced to this band. I’m thankful that we still have them with us. For well over thirty plus years DM has been kicking ass and making uncompromising music. It’s 2017 and they’re still relevant!  The music of DM is experimental, danceable, provocative, and timeless. Here are the 5 albums that I just can’t get enough of. 😉

5. Exciter (2001)- Exciter was my gateway drug album. I’d heard of the band, but once a homie played this album for me… shiiit it was a wrap. I. Was. Hooked. I became an instant junkie for the band. Exciter’s saturated with the most beautiful melodies, and emotionally- rich vocals. “I Am You” is the sexiest song ever created.

4. Black Celebration (1986)- Atmospheric. Layered. Bold. And dark as fuck. Black Celebration is the perfect album; it gives me everything. The lyrics are poetic. The vocals are haunting and unforgettable. The music has so much substance. I suggest listening to this album during a rainstorm in Autumn- and don’t forget the blacklights, and the sandalwood incense. “Stripped”“Dressed In Black”“New Dress”. Damn! Every single song is incredible.

3. Playing The Angel (2005)- This album is a freaking masterpiece. From the sonic assault of “A Pain That I’m Used To”, to the hypnotic “The Darkest Star”P.T.A. is one of the most enjoyable albums in their catalogue. I lost someone extremely close to me the year this album came out. I was constantly playing P.T.A. which is why the album is so meaningful. “Nothing’s Impossible” is the jam of all jamz.

2. Violator (1990)- A definitive Depeche Mode album for sure. Getting lost in this album is a given. You put Violator on and all the shit life brings to your door is forgotten, at least temporarily. This album is epic on every level. “Sweetest Perfection”“Personal Jesus”“Halo”, and “Blue Dress” are my favs.

1. Songs Of Faith And Devotion (1993)- This is my absolute favorite album of the band’s. Instead of trying to recreate another Violator, the band added a few traditional rock elements to their sound, and unleashed a whole different breed of animal. Songs Of… was made during a tumultuous time for the band, but out of that inner conflict came a remarkable album. My bud often says “drama and chaos produces the best art”. “Mercy In You”“In Your Room”“Condemnation”“I Feel You”, these are all my jamz.

If you’re a fan of the band then share with me your fav albums. Until next time…

Cheers, homies!

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