Top 10 Zeppelin Jamz

zepPerplexing, hypnotic, bluesy, soulful, legendary. Yep, that sums up my feelings on one of the greatest bands of all time! Everyone knows how dope Zeppelin is, and how there will never be another band like them, so let’s get on with this list. Here are MY top 10 Jamz!

10. Immigrant Song- That yell that Robert Plant unleashes in the beginning… ooh, it’s everything!

9. The Ocean- There’s such an undeniable groove to this song.

8. Whole Lotta Love- Ooh, the riff was a gift from the Lord! I swear!

7. Ten Years Gone- A slow jam about lost love.

6. Dancing Days- This song will lift anyone’s spirits; definitely a self-care jam for me. It’s impossible to listen without dancing.

5. Sick Again- This is one epic jam that doesn’t get enough love. The riff is nasty as hell and I dig it!

4. No Quarter- The mood that this song sets… wow.

3. Achilles Last Stand- One of my favorite later jams from the Zep catalogue.

2. Dazed And Confused- Doesn’t matter what version- album, or live one, this jam is a beast!

1. Kashmir- Lawd have mercy! This jam just takes you on a wonderfully awesome trip.

That was my list! Tell me all about your fav Zep jamz below!

Cheers, homies!


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My Top 10 Alfred Hitchcock Films

hitch Alfred Hitchcock is known as the “master of suspense”, and he’s well deserving of the title. Hitch was an unparalleled creative genius who was ahead of his time. His complete body of work is impressive, but I managed to pick my top 10. Here we go!

10. Shadow Of A Doubt (1943)- This noir thriller centers around a peppy teenager named Charlie, who lives in California. She learns that her beloved uncle is coming to town for a visit. Charlie is beyond hyped to see him because its been awhile. Unfortunately, her uncle has a few hang ups… unbeknownst to his family.

9. Vertigo (1958)- In this beautifully shot film, a retired San Francisco detective is hired by an old acquaintance to follow his wife. Scottie’s (retired detective) professionalism soon runs out the door! He falls madly in love with the woman he was hired to watch, and then things start getting interesting. Vertigo is a complex film with elements of love, obsession, phobias, mental health, and betrayal. At first I didn’t dig this film; I just couldn’t get into it, but once I understood what it was really about, I loved it!

8. Spellbound (1945)- Spellbound was one of the first films to focus on mental illness, and psychoanalysis; pretty heavy subjects for the forties. The head of a mental hospital retires, his replacement Dr. Anthony Edwardes isn’t who he says he is. Dr. Edwardes’ colleague, Dr. Constance Petersen, begins to notice a few inconsistencies in the devastatingly handsome doctor. Starting to figure out the identity of Dr. Edwardes is when this film really gets going.

7. North By Northwest (1959)- North By Northwest is the first film on the list starring Cary Grant, who was a constant collaborator with Hitch. Cary also happens to be one of my most adored actors. Cary plays an advertising executive named Roger Thornhill who is kidnapped due to mistaken identity. A group of spies believes that Roger is a government agent, a guy named Kaplan. Roger manages to escape his captors, but is then chased around the country. This film is an action packed thriller that won’t disappoint!

6. The Birds (1963)- The Birds was the first Hitchcock film that I remembered seeing on TV, so it has a special place in my heart. The film is about a series of unprovoked bird attacks in a peaceful California town. I love that it’s never explained why the birds lost their shit. Real birds and robotic birds were both used in the film. I can’t really tell which is which to be honest. The Birds is a great introduction film for someone unfamiliar with Hitch’s work.

5. Rebecca (1940)- Rebecca is a dark and atmospheric film that’s a thriller/mystery. An unnamed woman meets and falls in love with a handsome widower, named Maxim. They get married and move into Maxim’s massive estate. Once the couple arrives you realize there’s a lingering presence in the house. Rebecca was Maxim’s wife who died, and essentially the house still belongs to her. I mean her personal belongings are all throughout the house, and she still has a hold on some of the staff. The second Mrs. DeWinter (again we never get a name for the lead character) feels inadequate from the start; like she can’t compete- or compare, to Rebecca. But was Rebecca really the incredible woman that everyone believed she was?  Rebecca is a multi-layered story that will leave you shocked, and pleasantly satisfied.

4. Rear Window (1954)- Although it’s a serious thriller I feel that this is a fun film, it shows how voyeuristic people can be. A photographer breaks his leg and is bound to a wheelchair. For entertainment he watches the other tenants who live in apartments across the courtyard. One night the photographer hears a woman’s scream, along with the breaking of glass, and is convinced that something horrible went down in one of the apartments. Is our protagonist’s imagination running wild, or was there really a sinister happening across the way?

3. Suspicion (1941)- Suspicion is the ONLY Hitchcock film that I would love to see remade. It’s about a shy, wealthy woman (Lina), who falls for a charming playboy (Johnnie). Now Lina really thought she’d won the lottery with sexy Johnnie, but after they’re married she finds out that he’s broke as hell! In addition Johnnie is a gambler, and thinks he’s too good to work. The story soon takes a menacing turn, but you have to see for yourself. Amazing movie!

2. Psycho (1960)- A real estate secretary wants to marry her lover, but he feels that he’s not financially stable enough. Attempting to help their situation, Marion Crane steals money from a client, goes on the run, and then ends up at an isolated motel off the highway run by Norman Bates. Psycho was a revolutionary film. Not only is the classic credited with pioneering the slasher film trend, but it was also one of the most profitable low-budget  films of all time. There were many components that made this film memorable: the iconic shower scene, the haunting musical score, the filming techniques. Psycho is everything!!

1. Notorious (1946)- Notorious speaks to the romantic that lives within. Love is a major theme of this film. Alicia Huberman is the daughter of a disgraced- and convicted, Nazi spy, and T.R. Devlin is an agent for the American government. Devlin is  hired to get Alicia to infiltrate a group of Nazis located in Brazil, and basically seduce their leader for info. The exact nature of the job is a major complication because Alicia, and Devlin had fallen in love. Devlin doesn’t want Alicia to go through with the job, but he doesn’t stop her either. The audience watches as the couple deals with the consequences of their choices. I could gush about this film all day, but I’m trying to keep it cool. This isn’t just my fav Hitchcock film, but also one of my fav films of all time.

So what are your favorite Hitchcock films? I would love to know! Thanks for checking out my post. 🙂

Cheers, homies!!


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My Top 25 Prince Jamz

Prince On April 21, 2016, we lost a uniquely original soul. One of the most influential, iconic, and innovative performers of our time passed away. Prince was brilliant, talented, unapologetic, and there will never be another. We were blessed to have such a dynamic human being among us. Prince was so much more than a musician to me. Prince was family and I will mourn his loss, as well as celebrate his life, always. His music was there when I grieved; his music gave me inspiration when creating. Losing him is still difficult to come to terms with…

In honor of his incredible body of work, I’m sharing my fav Prince jamz. Enjoy!

25. “Dinner With Delores”One of those “quiet” jams that just can’t be ignored.

24. “If Eye Was The Man In Ur Life”- A jam from the Musicology album. I love the heck out of the chorus.

23. “Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)”One of those songs that just leaves you spellbound. I’ve never heard anything quite like this.

22. “Little Red Corvette” Hypnotic and sexy as hell!

21. “Gett Off”A jam with an irresistible chorus, and highly sexualized lyrics. Yass!

20. “Black Sweat” From the 3121 album. This jam makes you want to get up and dance.

19. “Nothing Compares 2 U”The version Prince did with New Power Generation’s Rosie Gaines was everything. The lyrics about a lost love is the kind of jam you play on repeat after a breakup… and then you cry to it- that ugly cry.

18. “DMSR”A get out on the dancefloor jam.

17. “You Got The Look”An unforgettable duet with Sheena Easton.

16. “Uptown”A “set your mind free” jam. Forget all your troubles and dance around the room to this.

15. “Dirty Mind”A song that’s special to me because of my bud. This was our car jam.

14. “Controversy”Jam this while singing into a hairbrush. The beat of this is what sticks out the most.

13. “Do Me Baby”One of his definitive sensual jamz. Whenever I’m writing an erotic scene, this is one of the main songs that I listen to.

12. “1999”Just a straight up fun jam.

11. “The Marrying Kind”Another one of his later jamz that I really fell for.

10. “Adore”The lyrics of this song just makes me turn into a pile of mush. Totally romantic.

9. “Darling Nikki”This jam is sex served on a plate. Nuff’ said.

8. “Purple Rain”If you don’t catch the feels when listening to this… something must seriously be wrong. One incredible masterpiece.

7. “International Lover”Seductive and romantic.

6. “7”I used to sing this with my dad, so it’s extra special to me.

5. “Let’s Go Crazy” My introduction to His Royal Bossness. This was the first Prince song I remember loving.

4. “The Beautiful Ones”- An atmospheric jam that requires lit candles, and sandalwood incense.

3. “Eye Hate U” There was a season in my life where this was played daily. I think it’s one of those guttural, emotional, brokenhearted jamz. A scorned lover brings his feelings for his cheating partner out in such a beautiful way. “I hate you cause I love you.” Ooh, damn that’s deep.

2. “When Doves Cry” The opening riff to this song never fails to blow me away. The bass guitar is absent from this jam, but it’s so freaking dope that you don’t care!

1. “Erotic City” A song on the highest level of bossness. It’s a hot and kinky jam that just takes the listener on an unbelievable ride. Hecks, I wish I could go to Erotic City!!

Cheers, homies!

Rest In Peace, Prince.

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My Top 10 Live Shows

concert Back in the day when money wasn’t funny, and change wasn’t strange, this sista used to live for going to concerts. There’s nothing like seeing your favorite singer, or band live. Here’s a list of my most memorable shows.

10. Toni Braxton: Revealed at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. Friday August 18, 2006.- This show was special because it took place in Vegas on my twenty-sixth birthday. My best bud shared the experience with me and we had a hella good time. The seats were fucking amazing! Damon (best bud) was able to rest his arm on the stage. That’s how boss the seats were!! I’d never seen Toni live and I was extra excited. I had admired Toni since the seventh grade. She performed her ass off! The woman seduced the audience and made us hers. People tend to forget how incredibly talented Toni is. Seeing her live was a real treat. The best part was when Damon told her that he loved her, and Toni mouthed back that she loved him too! Damn, that was such an amazing way to celebrate a birthday.

9. Deftones: Diamond Eyes Tour at Verizon Theatre. Monday June 6, 2011.- This was my first time witnessing the pure bossness of Deftones. They killed it! They’re a freaking fantastic band live! Those mofos pierced my soul with their music that night. I loved that the Tones performed all my fav jams. I had a blast singing with Chino, and the crowd. Dillinger Escape Plan was the opening act, and I fell in love with them that night. Deftones are coming here to Dallas soon. My heart is broken that I can’t see them.

8. Stone Temple Pilots: Reunion Tour at Verizon Theatre. Sunday June 29, 2008.- STP will go down in history as one of the most influential bands of all time. Their music provided the soundtrack for many of us. You couldn’t turn on the radio back in the day without hearing “Creep”, “Big Empty”, or “Plush”. I was so freaking happy to score tickets to the reunion show. STP was a band I discovered in the magical year (for me) of 1994. Seeing them live had me pretty emotional. Scott Weiland (Lord bless him) was a beast on stage! He was clean, sober, and ready to rock! His voice was so pure and beautiful live. That man has sung me to sleep on many nights. Dean, Robert, and Eric (guitarist, bassist, and drummer) were just magical. Those mofos are unbelievably talented; every note was on freaking point. I’m thankful I was able to see them.

7. Queensryche: An Evening With Queensryche Tour at Verizon Theatre. Friday. October 15, 2004.- Seeing Queensryche left me speechless because I was just in awe of their legendary talent. I had really gotten into them about two years prior to seeing them. I’m not even going to lie… I was wondering if Geoff Tate could still hit those high notes. Geoff hit those notes and shut the venue down!!!

6. Jill Scott: The Real Thing Tour at Verizon Theatre. Tuesday February 19, 2008.- Jill’s talent can’t be denied. The woman is phenomenal, for realz. Seeing her in concert was totally exciting for me. Jilly from Philly can sing her ass-and other body parts, off! The vibe of her show was very chill, and welcoming. I felt like I was hanging out with a bunch of homies, and jamming. I got high off her music that night. I was moving and swaying like a damn hippie at Woodstock! When Jill performed “My Love” my dramatic behind was about to cry. I was really feeling those lyrics that night. Do yourself a favor and see Jill when she comes to your neck of the woods.

5. Nine Inch Nails: Fragility V 2.0 Tour at the (then) Starplex Amphitheatre. Tuesday March 23, 2000.- Damn, I miss being nineteen! I was introduced to NIN at age thirteen, and I damn near broke down when my bud bought me a ticket to see them. This was my first ever concert! Of course I wasn’t disappointed and loved every second of the experience!! Trent did his thing and it was epic. Being in attendance was one of the coolest moments of my life. Singing the lyrics to “Closer” with thousands of other fans was freaking surreal.

4. Janet Jackson: All For You Tour at American Airlines Center. Saturday September 22, 2001.- Janet Jackson is the queen of everything! No one can touch that bad ass, one woman wrecking machine. Janet performs like she’s not even of this Earth. Janet’s from Mars and that’s why she’s bossome. She’s otherworldly. Anyhoo, this was a show that almost didn’t happen. Eleven days earlier was the tragedy that was September 11th. I was nervous that the show would have been postponed. The show went on, and it was everything that I hoped it would be! A major emotional moment came courtesy of a fan waving a little American flag. The moment was caught on camera/big screen, and everyone cheered. Best moment of the show was seeing Janet dance her ass off during the infamous breakdown to “If”. I was fucking done!

3. Prince: Musicology Tour at American Airlines Center. Friday April 2, 2004.- Prince is an explosive force that we should be thanking God for daily. He’s so talented and such a prolific individual. I’ve been a Prince fan since forever due to my dad’s influence. He was the ultimate Prince fan! Daddy even saw Prince open for The Stones way back in the day! Seeing Prince in concert was like a blessing realized; a moment in time I’ll never forget. He was just inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, a few months earlier which made the concert extra special. Prince gave his all on stage. Watching him was both exhausting and mesmerizing, all at once. The crowd was hyped and under his spell the whole time. I went ape-shit when he closed the show with “Purple Rain”. That damn guitar solo… Lawd! It was electrifying!

2. Soundgarden: Reunion Tour at Verizon Theatre. Wednesday October 26, 2011.- I never thought I would be able to see Soundgarden. I became a fanatic in 94, but by 97 the band had broken up, and I was crushed. So, when I found out that my boys were reuniting I was freaking giddy. In high school my walls were covered with Soundgarden posters. I would sing the lyrics to every song when I listened to their albums. Soundgarden was deeply embedded in my system. At the show the band slayed the fans! For over two hours I sang, yelled, and screamed my way through their amazing set. They performed all my beloved jams and everything was right with the world. I should mention that I had a skin graft procedure two weeks before the show. I was rocking a bandaged up thigh and was on pain meds. All was forgotten once I saw Chris, Kim, Ben, and Matt on stage! They made my 2011 extra special.

1. Tool: Lateralus Tour at Reunion Arena. Wednesday October 24, 2001.- Experiencing a Tool show for the first time was a definitive moment of my early twenties. I would go on to see the band four more times, but this first show turned me out! Tool brings something different to the table. There’s a reason why Tool has die-hard, hardcore, willing to sacrifice their cats type of fans. Seeing them live will leave you hypnotized by the music, and the energy. When the lights in the building went out signaling that Tool was about to shut it down, I started screaming. And for well over two hours I was blissed out. There was a dude behind me smoking weed, and I totally had a buzz. Talk about having the time of my life…

Hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane.

Cheers, homies!

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Top 10 Love Quotes

Valentine’s Day has passed, but love is my thing year round, baby! I’m a lover of quotes and lyrics with romantic meaning. Here are a few that give me that indescribable tingle in certain places… I’m talking about my heart! 😉

10. “Words are powerful things. They can break hearts and make panties wet.” Michael Faudet

9. “My somber heart seeks you always.” Pablo Neruda

8. “It feels good to know you’re mine.” Deftones

7. “I was always hungry for love. Just once, I wanted to know what it was like to get my fill of it- to be fed so much love I couldn’t take anymore. Just once.” Haruki Murakami

6. “Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place.” Zora Neale Hurston

5. “I have been waiting all my life to be with you. My heart slams against my ribs when I think of the slaughtered nights I spent all over the world waiting to feel your touch…” Henry Rollins

4. “In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world, there is no love for you like mine.” Maya Angelou

3. “We love with a love that was more than love.” Edgar Allan Poe

2. “I’m with you. No matter what else you have in your head. I’m with you and I love you.” Ernest Hemingway

1. “Only the united beat of sex and heart together can create ecstasy.” Anais Nin

Wasn’t that shit hot?!?!

Bonus Quotes!!!!

“I love you whether you fall or fail, just as you are.” Beau Taplin

“I woke up absolutely raging with desire for you, my love.” Laurence Olivier

“Your love is my muse. You and I, are my favorite love story.” Mirtha Michelle Castro Marmol

“Tell me when you lie in bed, do you think of something I once said?” Lang Leav

“You can’t quell depression by making love…” Yrsa Daley-Ward

Cheers, homies!

My Top 10 Episodes Of The Twilight Zone 1959-1964

zone Innovative. Mysterious. Suspenseful. Complex. I’m referring to the iconic anthology series created by the genius, Rod Serling. The Zone (as I call it) lasted 5 seasons, and had 156 episodes. Here are my top 10 episodes of the show that was truly ahead of its time.

10. Ep 61. Season 2. The Silence- The setting is a highbrow men’s club; and involves an annoying chatterbox named Jamie Tennyson, and an OG of the club named Colonel Archie Taylor. The Colonel was frustrated with Tennyson for running his mouth constantly, and bet Tennyson that he couldn’t shut the hell up for an entire year. Tennyson accepted the bet and a special glass room was created, for monitoring purposes within the club. I don’t want to spoil the episode. I’ll just say this… don’t write a check that you can’t cash. Silence

9. Ep 54. Season 2. The Odyssey Of Flight 33- An aircraft and its occupants travel back in time, mysteriously. This episode had me transfixed from the start. I could feel the terror and fear that the crew and passengers felt. Captain Farver- the man in charge, remained cool, although the world was falling apart all around him.33

8. Ep 126. Season 5. Living Doll- Annabelle has recently married an asshole named Erich, and purchases a doll for her daughter, Christie. Christie gets this special gift because Erich treats her like crap. The doll- Talky Tina, turns out to be alive, and she really can’t stand Erich. Honestly, the doll was the only one looking out for Christie. Once Erich found out that Talky Tina was a living doll, he tried his best to get rid of her. And of course this causes conflict with his family. There’s no drama like family drama. The lesson from this episode is be careful how you treat people; they may just have a unique protector on their side.talky

7. Ep 58. Season 2. Long Distance Call- This episode was pretty heavy for the sixties. Billy, a young boy was gifted with a toy phone for his birthday. This phone is extraordinary because it allows him to communicate with his recently deceased grandmother. This episode creeped me out! I can’t say much more because this is a must-see epi.toy

6. Ep 73. Season 3. It’s A Good Life- Bill Mumy- the little boy from Long Distance Call, also stared in this stellar episode. Anthony is a six-year-old psychopath who runs his town. For reasons not explained, Anthony has all these strange powers, including telepathy. Using his mind Anthony can destroy, or create anything with his mind. All the adults are scared of him, because if he doesn’t like you then you’re pretty much screwed. Anthony sent his town back in the dark ages. All the modern conveniences of life displeased him, so he basically got rid of everything. The climax of the episode was during a party; Anthony allowed the town’s residents to watch an hour of TV . Unfortunately, that’s when some drama was stirred up, due to the frustration of living in Anthony’s world.  This is one hell of an episode.ant

5. Ep 7. Season 1. The Lonely- Not a well known episode, but it’s effective with conveying loneliness, and isolation. In the future an inmate named Corry- who claims he was wrongfully convicted, is sentenced to serve time on an asteroid. Four times a year a crew visits to bring supplies. Corry is slowly losing it, because of the lack of human interaction. The Captain of the crew- a guy named Allenby, has mercy on Corry, and leaves him with a special gift to ease his loneliness. corry

4. Ep 145. Season 5. The Masks- Jason Foster is a dying man, who invites his family over on the first night of Mardi Gras. Unfortunately, he’s related to a bunch of spoiled, greedy, and self-centered individuals. Basically Jason’s family are just waiting to collect a check after his death. After dinner Jason passes out some grotesque masks to his fam; Jason insists they put them on. Initially they refuse, but Jason informs them that in order to get their inheritance, they must wear the masks. And that’s when the real fun begins…masks

3. Ep 89. Season 3. To Serve Man- The Kanamits- aliens, land on earth with promises of helping mankind. There’s universal skepticism at first, but then the Kanamits show what they’re capable of, and all are amazed. As the Kanamits continue to wow the world, a group of government officials attempt to decode a book left behind at a U.N. meeting by one of the Kanamits. If they can decode the book, then the true motives will be known. The ending is classic!serve

2. Ep 8. Season 1. Time Enough At Last- The legendary Burgess Meredith plays Henry Bemis; a bank teller with a deep passion for reading. All Henry wanted was to just chill out, and read. Between his nagging wife, and his boss, they just wouldn’t let Henry be. All that was solved when the H-Bomb was dropped, as Henry was reading in the bank’s vault. The world was destroyed and Henry was the last man standing. Henry was distraught at first and considered suicide. But, then he discovered the public library, and all the books were intact. Henry was supposed to be in paradise with his new found discovery, but The Twilight Zone wasn’t about to let Henry be great. The ending was absolutely heartbreaking. bemis

1. Ep 64. Season 2. Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up?- The epi opens with two state troopers- in a bad snowstorm, investigating reports of a crashed spacecraft. A trail of footprints leads from the crash site, to a hole-in-the-wall diner. The diner is filled with stranded bus passengers waiting out the storm, along with the bus driver, and the diner cook. There were seven bus passengers in the diner, but we learn that only six were on the bus. The bus driver, the diner cook, the two state troopers, the bus passengers, and the viewer are all a part of the investigation to figure out who is the Martian. And you think you may have it figured out, but the ending- which reveals the Martian, will blow you away. m1 m3

Honorable Mentions: Ep 16. Season 1. The Hitch-Hiker. Ep 42. Season 2. The Eye Of The Beholder. Ep 123. Season 5. Nightmare At 20,000 Feet. And Ep 41. Season 2. The Howling Man.

Coming up with this list was hella difficult, but also so much fun. Enjoy!

Cheers, homies!

My Top 10 Bath And Body Works Scents

Bath & Body Works is the most magical company on earth. Lol. I’ve worn their products since I was a teenager in the nineties; and now as a thirty-five year old I’m still hooked. B&BW is crack! Here’s an overview of the scents I adore the most. I’ll include the notes, and the best time of day-or season, to rock the fragrance. *You can technically wear a fragrance whenever, but I believe that some scents just pop more during certain times.

10. Black Raspberry Vanilla- Fragrance notes: blackberry, black currant, creamy sandalwood, vanilla orchid, taffeta musk. Black Raspberry Vanilla is an unstoppable mix of sweet and warmth. In my opinion BRV is a nighttime fragrance, and is perfect for Fall or Winter. It’s available online only and comes in a fine fragrance mist, a body cream, and shower gel. BRV

9. Mahogany Teakwood- When I found out that my fav candle sent was also available as a body care item… I seriously lost my shit. Fragrance notes: mahogany, delicate lavender, teakwood, feathered musk. MT has a heavy musk scent, but is balanced out by the lavender. Honestly, it smells like a men’s cologne, but that’s probably what I love most about the scent; it’s really unique. MT should be worn at night and is perfect during the cooler months. This amazing scent is available online only in a fine fragrance mist, body lotion, body cream, shower gel, and in the home fragrance line (candles, room sprays, hand soaps, etc.). MT

8. Beautiful Day- Fragrance notes: sun-kissed apple, dewy pear, sparkling cassis, white peach. B&BW are known of course for their fruity scents, and Beautiful Day doesn’t disappoint. BD is an ideal Spring/Summer scent; it can be worn at any time of the day. BD can be purchased in stores, or online. It comes in a fine fragrance mist, an eau de toilette, and in the home fragrance line. BD

7. Violet Lily Sky- Fragrance notes: violet blooms, sparkling bergamot, lily petals. I was debating whether to include this one or not; unfortunately it’s unavailable. Trust me, I’m holding on hardcore to what I have. I don’t get why this scent was discontinued because it smells heavenly. I’m still brokenhearted over the situation. VLS can be found on Amazon or Ebay, but folks are overcharging (surprise). Man, it was such an boss scent. RIP, VLS. VLS

6. Twilight Woods- Fragrance notes: juicy berry, wild freesia, musk, vanilla milk, warm wood. A heroine in an erotic romance novel would use TW. She would spray it on to feel extra desirable. The floral and wood notes makes TW an intoxicating scent. I think you can get away with wearing this whenever the mood hits. TW is available online only in the fine fragrance mist, body lotion, shower gel, and body cream. TW

5. Enchanted Orchid- Fragrance notes: calypso orchid, pink grapefruit, fresh gardenia. Enchanted Orchid is a lovely and lush scent. I fell in love with EO upon the first sniff; and I wore it every damn day for a week. It can be worn at any time of day during any season. EO is available online in the fragrance mist, and body lotion. EO

4. Moonlight Path- Fragrance notes: sheer lavender, bergamot, star rose, sandalwood, soft musk. Moonlight Path was introduced to me by my best bud during our trip to Las Vegas. Once I smelled it I instantly had to have it. Baby powder and soft musk may not traditionally go together, but with this scent it’s a marriage made in fragrance heaven. MP is considered to be a “heavy” scent which is why nighttime wearing is best. I loved spraying it on during the Fall/Winter. MP is available in stores and online in the fine fragrance mist, a golden sugar scrub, body cream, shower gel, and in the home line. MPath

3. Midnight Pomegranate- Fragrance notes: ruby red pomegranate, jasmine, iris, raspberry, blackberry spice, patchouli, musk, sandalwood. MP is the equivalent to a Sade jam; it’s alluring, sensual, and lingering. The mix of fruit, florals, and musk is everything! MP should exclusively be worn at night, but you can wear it during any season. It’s available in stores and online in a fine fragrance mist, body cream, body lotion, and shower gel. Mid

2. Sea Island Cotton- Fragrance notes: crisp white cotton, clean linen, lily of the valley, ocean musk, sandalwood, vanilla bean. SIC has a really fresh and clean scent that’s long-lasting. I can imagine wearing this during a late night stroll on the beach. You can wear SIC anytime during any season. It’s available online and in stores in a fine fragrance mist, body cream, body lotion, shower gel, and in some items of the home line. SIC

1. Japanese Cherry Blossom- Fragrance notes: Japanese cherry blossom, Asian pear, Fuji apple, butterfly lily, Kyoto rose, vanilla rice, sandalwood. Warning!!! Spraying on JCB will make you feel like a seductress. You can’t help but feel sexy when wearing it. JCB should be worn at night, and it was made for cooler temperatures. Yass! JCB will have potential lovers falling at your feet. Lol. It’s available in stores or online, and it comes in a fine fragrance mist, body cream, body lotion, shower gel, eau de toilette, and in the home line. JCB

Cheers, homies!

Top 10 Lists

I’m someone who just loves to put together lists. I also enjoy shows that do list style countdowns on whatever I’m interested in. I’ve been working on a few lists that I would like to post on the blogy blog. These lists have really made me use my brain, for realz. I’ve enjoyed putting them together. The first few will be posted this weekend.

Cheers, homies!