Album Spotlight: Kelis Kaleidoscope

kelisHey, homies! For this edition of Album Spotlight, I’ll be shining a light on Kelis’ otherworldly debut album, Kaleidoscope. This album is trailblazing because not only were we introduced to a genre defying artist, but music fans also got their first tastes of The Neptunes sound which peppered each track.

Kelis’ sound is experimental, catchy, and just plain cool as hell. She was the first sista to do something really unique with music in the late nineties. Kelis wasn’t just a traditional R&B singer by any means. Kaleidoscope was released on December 7, 1999. The cover proudly displayed Kelis’ multicolored, natural curls, and a body covered in abstract colors and symbols.

Here are my top 5 jamz from the album.

5. Roller Rink- Ooh, this song jamz so hard! It’s a percussion-soaked, up-tempo monster with a nostalgic vibe. A feel- good song that makes you want to move your ass!

4. Caught Out There- A song for all the ladies who get mistreated by their significant others. A straight up banger! The chorus is legendary!

3. Get Along With You- Smooth. Eclectic. Evocative. Somber.

2. Mars- Danceable. Polished. Dope as hell.

1. Suspended- This song is deep, textured, and mesmerizing. Another one of those jamz that must be enjoyed in the dark.

Kaleidscope gets 5 out of 5 stars!


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Album Spotlight: Jodeci Forever My Lady

JodeciMy pre-teen, and teen years were flooded with some pretty infectious grooves. R&B music was my first love. The R&B of the nineties was extra special. It was an era where male groups not only dominated the charts, but also pop culture as a whole. No group ruled my world more than Jodeci.

I loved me some Devante Swing, K-Ci, Jojo, and Mr. Dalvin.

My bedroom walls were slathered in Jodeci posters. I would record (remember VCR’s) all their appearances on Arsenio Hall, Soul Train, Showtime At The Apollo, and various award shows. I played their music endlessly.

Jodeci’s debut album, Forever My Lady was released on May, 28 1991. The album was loaded with soul-stirring harmonies, undeniably catchy hooks, and hypnotic beats.

Here are my top 5 jams from the album.

5. I’m Still Waiting- This track has silky smooth vocals that covers my soul like a comfy blanket.

4. Gotta Love- An up-tempo jam that made me dance in 1991, and still does it for me in 2018.

3. U And I- This is the most underrated song in the group’s catalog. It’s the perfect love jam.

2. Stay- Lush. Lyrical. Transporting. And dem vocals though! Millions of babies were created to this!

1. Forever My Lady- Ooh yeah(in my K-Ci voice)! This title track is what started my love affair with Jodeci. It’s cleverly-written with a soulful vibe.

Of course this is a 5 star album.

So what are your fav songs by the bad boys of R&B? Let me know!

Cheers, homies!


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Album Spotlight: Queensryche Operation:Mindcrime

Mindcrime  “Who do you trust when everyone’s a crook?”

A question first asked back in 1988… one that we’re still pondering thirty years later.

On May 3, 1988, Queensryche released a compelling, ambitious, and emotionally charged concept album that changed the damn game, Operation: Mindcrime. Over the last three decades this album has been celebrated and praised for its excellence, and complexity. I wanted to shine a light on this fascinating work of art. They don’t make albums like this anymore, homies. Operation: Mindcrime tells the story of a man- frustrated with the current state of the world, who joins an underground organization, and eventually is turned into an assassin.

The storyline is thought-provoking, and multilayered, and so is the music.

Here are my top 5 songs. Afterwards, I’ll give a rating of this album.

5. Revolution Calling- An explosive jam where the protagonist- Nikki, airs out his frustrations, and is seduced into joining the cause. So much truth is dropped in this song.

4. Operation: Mindcrime- A thunderous track with a riff that’s nasty as fuck!

3. I Don’t Believe In Love- Rhythmic. Operatic. Raw.

2. The Mission- The vocals kick so much ass on this track! And the music is dark and unapologetic.

1. Eyes Of A Stranger- This is a song that grabs you and refuses to let go. It’s a heartbreaking masterpiece.

Operation: Mindcrime– one of the most epic albums of all time, gets 5 (out of 5) stars. It’s timeless.

Cheers, homies!

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Album Spotlight: Soundgarden-Superunknown

Super For my introductory review I’m shining a spotlight on one of the most eminent, endlessly-playable, and complex albums of our time; Soundgarden’s Superunknown. When this album was released it forever altered the musical landscape with its metallic guitar riffs, devastating percussion, and vocals that were from another freaking planet.  I’ve never done a written review for an album, so please bear with your gurl. Madman Reads & Rocks is a YouTuber(also a blogger, musician, author) who puts together the dopest album reviews. You can check out his channel here. His reviews have definitely had a positive influence on what I’m trying to do.

For my review I will talk a bit about the album, rank my top five songs, and give a star rating with 5 being the highest, and 1 being the lowest.

Superunknown was released March 8, 1994, and was Soundgarden’s fourth album. Although, it was released over twenty years ago, the music still sounds modern and vibrant. The songs are just as impactful today as they were in 94, and that’s one hell of an accomplishment. There are fifteen tracks and they all kick ass! When I first purchased the album, no song was skipped during my initial listening party. I allowed each so to play in its entirety. Superunknown brought me to my knees; it was so hard hitting, and relentless. I knew after the first listen that the album was way beyond special

5. Let Me Drown- A brutal opener that sets the tone of the album.

4. Limo Wreck- Piercing. Primal. Perfection.

3. Black Hole Sun- Hard rock meets psychedelic sounds. Musically arresting. Unforgettable.

2. Fell On Black Days- Haunting. Slow tempo, but heavy.

1. Mailman- Dark, yet sublime.

I give this album 5 stars! I still listen to Superunknown faithfully.

Cheers, homies!

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