Random Quickies #1

superheroOne day I woke up and was tired of being the constant “victim”. The record playing in my head- reminding me of past hurts, well it never seemed to skip a beat. Always being that person who is mistreated is fucking exhausting- an unbearable burden. So now I’m going to be my own personal superhero. I’m rocking the hell out that red cape.

Cheers, homies!

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Writing Quickies #1

coffee     Sometimes I have those writing days where everything flows effortlessly. I get in that creative zone and am blown away by my work, in a humble manner of course. Then there are days when I’m crippled with anxiety. I stress and overthink to the point of mental exhaustion. I’m still showing up though. I’m feeling the fear and writing anyway.

Cheers, homies.


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Writing Quickies And Random Quickies

abc Starting in March I’ll be doing quick posts about writing, and all the other randomness that pops in my head. These posts will be hella short in length; like a sentence or two, or a paragraph. The Writing Quickies will be my honest thoughts about everything under the writing umbrella. From my thoughts on trying to finish the first draft of my book, to the little things I’m picking up from the writing resource books I’m checking out.

Random Quickies will just be posts of me sharing all kinds of randomness. I started these posts last year, but failed to keep up with them. So, this is my fresh start with being random, and quick!

Cheers, homies!

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