Listening Party: Chris Cornell

Chris The music of Chris Cornell was not only something that could be heard, but also felt in the depths of my soul. I often found solace in his voice and lyrics. His music wasn’t something that I jammed to every once in awhile, hellz no. I listened to that beautiful and intoxicating voice religiously. I turn to him for musical inspiration as I write, read, and when I need something to get me through the emotional turmoil, isolation, and the physical anguish I often feel. So for this special edition of Listening Party, I’ve put together fifty-two jamz (a jam for each year of his life) from his impressive career. There’s jamz from Soundgarden, Audioslave, and his solo work. Thank you so much, Chris, for having such a consistent presence in my life. Rest easy, homie.

1. Scream (Solo)

2. Set It Off (Audioslave)

3. Face Pollution (Soundgarden)

4. Long Gone (Solo)

5. Mailman (Soundgarden)

6. 4th Of July (Soundgarden)

7. Can’t Change Me (Solo)

8. Sunshower (Solo)

9. No Attention (Soundgarden)

10. Yesterday To Tomorrow (Audioslave)

11. Scar On The Sky (Solo)

12. Nothing To Say (Soundgarden)

13. Burden In My Hand (Soundgarden)

14. Nothing Compares 2 U (Prince Cover)

15. Gasoline (Audioslave)

16. What You Are (Audioslave)

17. Sweet Euphoria (Solo)

18. Josephine (Solo)

19. New Damage (Soundgarden)

20. Fell On Black Days (Soundgarden)

21. Limo Wreck (Soundgarden)

22. Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden)

23. Moth (Audioslave)

24. Working Man (Audioslave/Rush Cover)

25. Part Of Me (Solo)

26. Head Down (Soundgarden)

27. Outshined (Soundgarden)

28. Loud Love (Soundgarden)

29. Room A Thousand Years Wide (Soundgarden)

30. I Am The Highway (Audioslave)

31. Poison Eye (Solo)

32. Murderer Of Blue Skies (Solo)

33. Like A Stone (Audioslave)

34. Slaves & Bulldozers (Soundgarden)

35. Somewhere (Soundgarden)

36. Blow Up The Outside World (Soundgarden)

37. Be Yourself (Audioslave)

38. Two Drink Minimum (Solo)

39. Cochise (Audioslave)

40. Rhinosaur (Soundgarden)

41. Show Me How To Live (Audioslave)

42. Billie Jean (Michael Jackson Cover)

43. Overfloater (Soundgarden)

44. Climbing Up The Walls (Solo)

45. Drawing Flies (Soundgarden)

46. Drown Me Slowly (Audioslave)

47. Zero Chance (Soundgarden)

48. Kickstand (Soundgarden)

49. Holy Water (Soundgarden)

50. Tighter & Tighter (Soundgarden)

51. Never The Machine Forever (Soundgarden)

52. Rusty Cage (Soundgarden)

Cheers, homies!

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Album Spotlight: Soundgarden-Superunknown

Super For my introductory review I’m shining a spotlight on one of the most eminent, endlessly-playable, and complex albums of our time; Soundgarden’s Superunknown. When this album was released it forever altered the musical landscape with its metallic guitar riffs, devastating percussion, and vocals that were from another freaking planet.  I’ve never done a written review for an album, so please bear with your gurl. Madman Reads & Rocks is a YouTuber(also a blogger, musician, author) who puts together the dopest album reviews. You can check out his channel here. His reviews have definitely had a positive influence on what I’m trying to do.

For my review I will talk a bit about the album, rank my top five songs, and give a star rating with 5 being the highest, and 1 being the lowest.

Superunknown was released March 8, 1994, and was Soundgarden’s fourth album. Although, it was released over twenty years ago, the music still sounds modern and vibrant. The songs are just as impactful today as they were in 94, and that’s one hell of an accomplishment. There are fifteen tracks and they all kick ass! When I first purchased the album, no song was skipped during my initial listening party. I allowed each so to play in its entirety. Superunknown brought me to my knees; it was so hard hitting, and relentless. I knew after the first listen that the album was way beyond special

5. Let Me Drown- A brutal opener that sets the tone of the album.

4. Limo Wreck- Piercing. Primal. Perfection.

3. Black Hole Sun- Hard rock meets psychedelic sounds. Musically arresting. Unforgettable.

2. Fell On Black Days- Haunting. Slow tempo, but heavy.

1. Mailman- Dark, yet sublime.

I give this album 5 stars! I still listen to Superunknown faithfully.

Cheers, homies!

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The Music Tag

notes I saw this tag on YouTube and wanted to complete it.

1. Favorite bands or musician of the moment.

Soundgarden. Tool. Alice In Chains. However this list could change by later tonight. Lol.

2. The last song you listened to.

“Sleigh Ride” by The Carpenters

3. What’s in your cd player?

I don’t have one, but in my dvd/cd player is a Deftones mix cd that I made a few years back.

4. What was the last show you attended?

Soundgarden in 2011.

5. What show are you looking forward to?

Lord willing, Metallica, and PJ Harvey.

6. One artist you would love to see live.

Depeche Mode

7. Favorite movie soundtrack.

“Strange Days”, and “The Crow”.

8. Top 3 most played songs on ITunes.

Don’t have ITunes.

9. Most underrated artists.

Meshell Ndegeocello

10. Favorite albums.

Too damn many to list, but I’ll name a few. Soundgarden “Superunknown”, Alice In Chains “Dirt”, Prince “Purple Rain”, Deftones “Deftones”, Metallica “…And Justice For All”.

11. Favorite song lyric.

“I beg you my darling. Don’t leave me. I’m hurting.” PJ Harvey “Rid Of Me”.

12. Shows you’ve seen live.

Janet Jackson, Tool, Prince, Deftones, Jill Scott, Nine Inch Nails.

Cheers, homies.


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Listening Party: Metallica

metI have tons of playlists dedicated to my writing. but I thought I would come up with something new. Listening Party will be a series of posts that will share- in my humble opinion, the definitive songs from some of my beloved artists. If I could come up with an artist’s essentials, or greatest hits list- again in my humble opinion, then Listening Party would be it. My first post is all about Metallica!

1. One

2. Fight Fire With Fire

3. Hardwired

4. Ride The Lightning

5. The Thing That Should Not Be

6. Of Wolf And Man

7. The Small Hours (cover)

8. The House Jack Built

9. Frantic

10. Blackened

11. Bleeding Me

12. Devil’s Dance

13. Trapped Under Ice

14. Carpe Diem Baby

15. Fade To Black

16. Seek & Destroy

17. Don’t Tread On Me

18. Creeping Death

19. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

20. Harvester Of Sorrow

21. The Memory Remains

22. Enter Sandman

23. King Nothing

24. Sad But True

25. The Shortest Straw

26. Orion

27. Cyanide

28. Hit The Lights

29. …And Justice For All

30. The Unforgiven

31. Master Of Puppets

32. The Frayed Ends Of Sanity

What are some of your favorite Metallica jamz? Let a sista know!

Cheers, homies!


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Top 10 Zeppelin Jamz

zepPerplexing, hypnotic, bluesy, soulful, legendary. Yep, that sums up my feelings on one of the greatest bands of all time! Everyone knows how dope Zeppelin is, and how there will never be another band like them, so let’s get on with this list. Here are MY top 10 Jamz!

10. Immigrant Song- That yell that Robert Plant unleashes in the beginning… ooh, it’s everything!

9. The Ocean- There’s such an undeniable groove to this song.

8. Whole Lotta Love- Ooh, the riff was a gift from the Lord! I swear!

7. Ten Years Gone- A slow jam about lost love.

6. Dancing Days- This song will lift anyone’s spirits; definitely a self-care jam for me. It’s impossible to listen without dancing.

5. Sick Again- This is one epic jam that doesn’t get enough love. The riff is nasty as hell and I dig it!

4. No Quarter- The mood that this song sets… wow.

3. Achilles Last Stand- One of my favorite later jams from the Zep catalogue.

2. Dazed And Confused- Doesn’t matter what version- album, or live one, this jam is a beast!

1. Kashmir- Lawd have mercy! This jam just takes you on a wonderfully awesome trip.

That was my list! Tell me all about your fav Zep jamz below!

Cheers, homies!


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Writing Playlist #9

stp Yesterday was the one year anniversary of Scott Weiland’s passing; so this playlist was done in tribute to him. This playlist is all about Stone Temple Pilots.

1. Sour Girl

2. Big Empty

3. Still Remains

4. Pretty Penny

5. Long Way Home

6. Sin

7. Plush

8. Big Bang Baby

9. Sex Type Thing

10. Vasoline

11. Wicked Garden

12. Art School Girl

13. Down

14. Crackerman

15. Pruno

16. Silvergun Superman

17. Atlanta

18. No Way Out

19. Church On Tuesday

20. Adhesive

21. Interstate Love Song

22. Dead & Bloated

23. Bi-Polar Bear

24. Creep

25. Lounge Fly

Cheers, homies!

Writing Playlist #8

soundgarden This playlist features the music of a band I’ve loved my entire life… Soundgarden!!!!

1. I Awake

2. Mailman

3. Nothing To Say

4. New Damage

5. Fell On Black Days

6. Rhinosaur

7. Slaves & Bulldozers

8. Tighter & Tighter

9. Burden In My Hand

10. Somewhere

11. Overfloater

12. Hands All Over

13. Rusty Cage

14. Black Hole Sun

15. Loud Love

16. Room A Thousand Years Wide

17. Let Me Drown

18. Been Away Too Long

19. Limo Wreck

20. Superunknown

21. Never Named

22. No Attention

23. Head Down

24. Outshined

25. Flower

26. Blow Up The Outside World

27. Pretty Noose

28. 4th Of July

29. No Wrong No Right

30. The Day I Tried To Live

Cheers, homies!


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Writing Playlist #5

amel Playlist #5 features the music of one of the dopest singers ever, Amel Larrieux.

1. Unanswered Question

2. Sweet Misery

3. For Real

4. We Can Be New

5. No One Else

6. Dear To Me

7. Weary

8. Afraid

9. Make Me Whole

10. Say You Want It All

11. Beyond

12. Your Eyes

13. I Like The Sunrise

14. Mountain Of When

15. Bravebird

16. Berries And Cream

17. Get Up

18. Earn My Affections

Cheers, homies!


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Writing Playlist #4

mode This playlist is all about Depeche Mode!! I was introduced to the band by one of my best friends in 2001. She made me a mixtape and I was hooked. My fav period of the band is during the Songs Of Faith And Devotion album; and that’s also my most beloved album as well.

1. Condemnation

2. Nothing’s Impossible

3. Master And Servant

4. I Want It All

5. I Am You

6. Home

7. Stripped

8. I Feel You

9. A Question Of Lust

10. Mercy In You

11. A Pain That I’m Used To

12. Insight

13. Sweetest Perfection

14. Rush

15. Macro

16. Personal Jesus

17. Angel

18. To Have And To Hold

19. Everything Counts

20. Come Back

21. Damaged People

22. Dream On

23. In Your Room

24. Waiting For The Night

25. Black Celebration

26. Halo

27. Only When I Lose Myself

28. It’s No Good

29. Freelove

30. Never Let Me Down Again

Cheers, homies!


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Writing Playlist #2

Maynard There aren’t too many vocalists who can pull out raw, and emotional responses from me. Maynard James Keenan is the ideal exception. His voice is so powerful, and he has such an impressive multi-octave range. At times his voice lulls me into a restful sleep. Other times he has a voice that is definitely attention getting, complex, and dynamic. The man could sing the items off the IHOP menu to me, and I swear my behind would be content, yet mesmerized. Maynard is in like eighty-eleven bands (Tool, A Perfect Circle, Puscifier), and his voice shines in all of them. I’m excited for Maynard to provide the soundtrack to my writing this week.

     1. Potions- Puscifier

     2. Right In Two- Tool

     3. The Hollow- A Perfect Circle

     4. Passenger- Deftones featuring Maynard

     5. H- Tool

     6. Passive- A Perfect Circle

     7. The Patient- Tool

     8. Pet- A Perfect Circle

     9. Jimmy- Tool

     10. Thomas- A Perfect Circle

     11. Forty-Six & 2- Tool

     12. Thinking Of You- A Perfect Circle

     13. No Quarter- Tool’s Zeppelin cover

     14. A Stranger- A Perfect Circle

     15. Lateralus- Tool

     16. Weak And Powerless- A Perfect Circle

     17. Jambi- Tool

     18. Gravity- A Perfect Circle

     19. Stinkfist- Tool

     20. Sleeping Beauty- A Perfect Circle

     Cheers, homies!


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