The Strange Chronicles Of A Hopeless Romantic #1

roses      I am a hopeless romantic.

The kind who romanticizes everything  under the sun. I’m the woman who internally gushes when I spot couples holding hands.

I am a hopeless romantic.

I adore love and all it entails. Love does it for me.

I totally relish the smell of love, the taste, the feel, the sounds, and the visuals of love. From a forehead kiss to a passionate exchange, love is my shiz.

I devour the pages of steamy romance novels. I drown myself in the lyrics of love songs. I pour my heart and soul into every love poem that I’ve ever written.

I think you may get my point. 😀

Love though has been so elusive for me in my mid-thirties. I’m not actively looking for it, but still. I want to know it’s available when I do begin my search.

Oddly- and ironically, I’m a hopeless romantic with a nonexistent love life. My love life is like a desolate wasteland or some shit.

Of course I have book boyfriends galore. I have celeb menz that I drool over on a daily basis. Unfortunately, in real life there are currently no prospects.

My last first date was a long time ago.

That date was with a guy named Ralph, we saw the movie 300. Yeah, so that gives you a point of reference time wise.

There was a season of my life where the men were plenty, but NONE of them did it for me. My friends can tell ya that I was attracting some freaks, and not the amazing kind!

Check one of my first posts about the Strange Dudes for reference.

There hasn’t been anyone that has stirred my pot in awhile. Someone who makes a woman fall apart at the sound of his voice. A man that causes you to tremble with lust… when you feel his breath on your neck.

That kind of action only happens in my writing.

I did have someone special in my life for a substantial amount of time. That situation went off and on for years. He was and is extremely important to me. He was a flawed, but extraordinary human being that I loved fiercely. However in that situation love wasn’t enough to sustain it. And there were various distractions on his end, plus he simply wasn’t ready. Sometimes I feel as if I wasted a lot of time, but I learned so much from that person… so.

During the off season with the unnamed person I would meet guys, but they just weren’t a good fit. I’m not that picky, but I required a quality product, dang it!

The idea of dating kind of freaks me out a bit. I’m so out of practice, but technically you could say that I’ve never been much of a dater. And now I’m a hopeless romantic in a fuck buddy society… which is both depressing and limiting. No one wants genuine love anymore.

Do people even date?

Should I try Christian Mingle when I’m ready to date? Hellz no! That’s where all the kinky folks are! LOL.

Has erotic romance novels ruined me?

Nah. I still have hope for meeting my soulmate.

Cheers, homies!


Image Credit- Bride’s Magazine