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Listening Party: Deftones

TonesWith a sound all their own, Deftones can do no wrong in my eyes. Their incredible body of work ranges from metal, to alternative, to atmospheric soundscapes, and I’m enthralled by every note. This band is so meaningful to me;there are several shoutouts to them within my yet to be finished (first) novel. Here are just a few of their musical gems.

1. Pittura Infamante

2. Lucky You

3. Geometric Headdress

4. Beware

5. Rx Queen

6. Battle-Axe

7. 7 Words

8. Entombed

9. Dai The Flu

10. Kimdracula

11. Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)

12. Digital Bath

13. Good Morning Beautiful

14. Feiticeira

15. Combat

16. Moana

17. Elite

18. 976-Evil

19. Fireal

20. Mascara

21. One Weak

22. Pink Cellphone

23. Leathers

24. Needles And Pins

25. Lotion

26. Prince

27. Around The Fur

28. Change (In The House Of Flies)

29. Hexagram

30. Doomed User

31. Lhabia

32. You’ve Seen The Butcher

33. Bored

34. Knife Party

35. Rubicon

36. Deathblow

37. No Ordinary Love (Cover)

38. Risk

39. Savory (Cover)

40. Phantom Bride

41. Teenager

42. Ghosts (Cover)

43. Sex Tape

44. Rosemary

45. To Have And To Hold (Cover)

Cheers, homies!

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