Current Reads #10

2017 has proven to be a great reading year so far! Here are my Current Reads!

janeMy Life So Far by Jane Fonda- I think Jane is a classy dame. I’ve been interested in reading her autobiography for awhile now.

witch Witching Hour Theatre by Jonathan Janz- This novella is set in a movie theatre during a triple horror film marathon. Mr. Janz is my go to author for horror, and he never disappoints.

Cheers, homies!

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Album Spotlight: Soundgarden-Superunknown

Super For my introductory review I’m shining a spotlight on one of the most eminent, endlessly-playable, and complex albums of our time; Soundgarden’s Superunknown. When this album was released it forever altered the musical landscape with its metallic guitar riffs, devastating percussion, and vocals that were from another freaking planet.  I’ve never done a written review for an album, so please bear with your gurl. Madman Reads & Rocks is a YouTuber(also a blogger, musician, author) who puts together the dopest album reviews. You can check out his channel here. His reviews have definitely had a positive influence on what I’m trying to do.

For my review I will talk a bit about the album, rank my top five songs, and give a star rating with 5 being the highest, and 1 being the lowest.

Superunknown was released March 8, 1994, and was Soundgarden’s fourth album. Although, it was released over twenty years ago, the music still sounds modern and vibrant. The songs are just as impactful today as they were in 94, and that’s one hell of an accomplishment. There are fifteen tracks and they all kick ass! When I first purchased the album, no song was skipped during my initial listening party. I allowed each so to play in its entirety. Superunknown brought me to my knees; it was so hard hitting, and relentless. I knew after the first listen that the album was way beyond special

5. Let Me Drown- A brutal opener that sets the tone of the album.

4. Limo Wreck- Piercing. Primal. Perfection.

3. Black Hole Sun- Hard rock meets psychedelic sounds. Musically arresting. Unforgettable.

2. Fell On Black Days- Haunting. Slow tempo, but heavy.

1. Mailman- Dark, yet sublime.

I give this album 5 stars! I still listen to Superunknown faithfully.

Cheers, homies!

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Current Reads #9

Here’s the latest edition of my Current Reads!

outsidersOutsiders by Tammy Ferebee- In the mood for something different I stumbled upon this novel. It’s a YA, Sci-Fi story about seventeen-year-old, Jaylen Hayes who discovers “who- and what, she really is”. Ooh!! I’m buddy reading this with a homie, and I’m thrilled to learn the origin of Jaylen.

hustlerThe Wife Of A Texas Hustler by Mesha Mesh- This is an Urban fiction novel by an author from my city. The story centers around a couple who will have their bond tested due to some unique circumstances. Interesting…

Thanks for checking out my post! Let me know what you’re reading in the comments below.

Cheers, homies!

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Writing Playlist #14

hip Here’s my Hip-hop themed playlist.

1. A Girl- David Banner

2. It Ain’t Easy- Tupac

3. Can’t Do Nuttin’ For Ya, Man!- Public Enemy

4. Who We Be- DMX

5. Shimmy Shimmy Ya- Ol’ Dirty Bastard

6. Expression- Salt-N-Pepa

7. Overnight Celebrity- Twista

8. Me So Horny- 2 Live Crew

9. No Time- Lil’ Kim

10. Mama Said Knock You Out- LL Cool J

11. Passin’ Me By- The Pharcyde

12. B.O.B.- Outkast

13. No K- Tech N9ne

14. Ruffneck- MC Lyte

15. Stay Fly- Three 6 Mafia

16. Back Then- Mike Jones

17. Sittin’ Sidewayz- Paul Wall Feat. Big Pokey

18. Game Over- Lil’ Flip

19. New York- Angel Haze

20. Pumps And A Bump- MC Hammer

Cheers, homies!

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Listening Party: Deftones

TonesWith a sound all their own, Deftones can do no wrong in my eyes. Their incredible body of work ranges from metal, to alternative, to atmospheric soundscapes, and I’m enthralled by every note. This band is so meaningful to me;there are several shoutouts to them within my yet to be finished (first) novel. Here are just a few of their musical gems.

1. Pittura Infamante

2. Lucky You

3. Geometric Headdress

4. Beware

5. Rx Queen

6. Battle-Axe

7. 7 Words

8. Entombed

9. Dai The Flu

10. Kimdracula

11. Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)

12. Digital Bath

13. Good Morning Beautiful

14. Feiticeira

15. Combat

16. Moana

17. Elite

18. 976-Evil

19. Fireal

20. Mascara

21. One Weak

22. Pink Cellphone

23. Leathers

24. Needles And Pins

25. Lotion

26. Prince

27. Around The Fur

28. Change (In The House Of Flies)

29. Hexagram

30. Doomed User

31. Lhabia

32. You’ve Seen The Butcher

33. Bored

34. Knife Party

35. Rubicon

36. Deathblow

37. No Ordinary Love (Cover)

38. Risk

39. Savory (Cover)

40. Phantom Bride

41. Teenager

42. Ghosts (Cover)

43. Sex Tape

44. Rosemary

45. To Have And To Hold (Cover)

Cheers, homies!

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Current Reads #8

Here are my Current Reads for the week of March 5, 2017.

bikeThe Biker’s Librarian by Shyla Colt- This is an Interracial Romance novel involving the classic “good girl”, and a biker she met during a night out. I’ve read the work of Ms. Colt before, and I enjoyed everything. I already know this novel will be loaded with insane chemistry, and hot as hell sex scenes that will melt the words right off the pages.

asleep Asleep by Banana Yoshimoto- Ms. Yoshimoto’s work was suggested by someone I watch on YouTube. She writes in the magical realism/surrealism, and contemporary genres. Asleep is a short story collection revolving around sleep. Sounds simple though I’m guessing it’s anything but.

Cheers, homies!

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Current Reads #7

It’s that time again! Time for my Current Reads! Side Note: I wrote out this post around the second week of February, and have since finished two out of the three books mentioned. I just decided to include those books anyway, and will give my mini reviews in my next installment of Finished Reads.

rescue The Rescue by Twyla Turner- This novella is a Valentine’s themed one. I adore love and a Valentine’s story is totally perfect for me. Can’t wait to get started with this one! Ms. Turner never disappoints with her stories. She’s one of my main go to authors.

visionVisionSight by Connie Lacy- VisionSight is a contemporary women’s fiction tale, with hints of magical realism. A young woman inherits the ability to see the future of anyone, once she looks in their eyes. Sounds so good!

living A Living Grave by Robert E. Dunn- According to the Goodreads synopsis this story is “The first in a gritty new series featuring sheriff’s detective Katrina Williams, as she investigates moonshine, murder, and the ghosts from her own past.”

Let me know what you’re currently reading in the comments below.

Cheers, homies!


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