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Listening Party: Tool

toolTheir music will change your very existence. Musically, lyrically, visually, Tool is such an exceptional band. Here are my favorite jamz by a band I’ve loved since I was sixteen.

1. Right In Two

2. Stinkfist

3. The Patient

4. You Lied (live cover)

5. H

6. Lateralus

7. Crawl Away

8. Jambi

9. Intension

10. Forty Six & 2

11. Bottom

12. The Grudge

13. Eulogy

14. Pushit

15. Swamp Song

16. AEnema

17. Undertow

18. Intolerance

19. Schism

20. Hooker With A Penis

21. Hush

22. Prison Sex

23. Flood

24. Disposition

25. Sober

26. Sweat

27. Jimmy

28. Vicarious

29. Part Of Me

30. Rosetta Stoned

31. The Pot

32. Spasm (cover)

33. Triad

34. 4 Degrees

35. Reflection

36. Ticks & Leeches

37. Third Eye

38. Parabola

39. Wings For Marie Pt. 1

40. 10,000 Days (Wings Pt. 2)

Cheers, homies!

Image Credit- Alex Grey


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When I love something I become insanely passionate about it! I'm a writer/poet who is into books, music, all things beauty, fragrances, candles, and all other kinds of bossome ish. I'm a Christian, but I'm more spiritual than religious. I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on a few of my fav subjects.

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