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Book Quotes: Disappearing Acts

dis Highlighting memorable lines from the books I love is a constant activity. In my Book Quotes posts I will share my favorite quotes from some beloved novels of mine, starting with my second favorite novel OF ALL TIME Disappearing Acts by Terry McMillian.

Published in 1989 and taking place in 1983 Brooklyn; Disappearing Acts is about the burgeoning love story between Zora Banks, and Franklin Swift. Zora is a junior high school teacher, and an aspiring singer-songwriter. Franklin is a construction worker who is amazingly talented. and dreams big. From the moment they met the chemistry between them is explosive- and something I envied to be honest. Disappearing Acts is just one of those groundbreaking works of art, and it’s so exceptional that I will always recognize the novel as life changing literature.

1. “A man’s mind is about the strongest thing he got going for him.” Franklin

2. “I’ve got two major weaknesses: tall black men and food. But not necessarily in that order.” Zora

3. “How can you hurry up when you’re trying to create a work of art?” Franklin

4. “To tell the truth, sometimes I get scared when I think of myself being in a world where I don’t make a bit of difference.” Zora

5. “When she opened the door, she looked like she’d had a rough night. She was still pretty though, even with no makeup. Her skin looked like Lipton tea.” Franklin

6. “I can’t hug and kiss a bank account, and if I could, I’m sure it wouldn’t make me feel like this.” Zora

7. “This time, baby, don’t be scared. This man ain’t interested in breaking your heart- he’s interested in gluing in back together and keeping it for hisself.” Franklin

8. “He could’ve given me some credit for wanting to understand. I mean really. By now I thought he knew we were in this thing together.” Zora

9. “Right now I need to keep her laughing, ’cause that job didn’t come through. Everything is always put on hold for some stupid-ass reason.” Franklin

10. No man has ever made me feel like this. And no man has ever set me on fire when he touches me- not the way he can.” Zora

11. “He just told me to go ahead and be a man. That just because I get laid off from time to time, that that ain’t no reason to feel like less than one.” Franklin

12. “I needed to stop thinking about myself for awhile. To simply unplug all the wires that were beginning to short-circuit inside my head.” Zora

13. “You know, I took a lotta things for granted, and since I been by myself, all I’ve had time to do is think. Put some things in perspective.” Franklin

14. “Writing these songs were cleansing in and of itself. I always felt different when I finished. As if I’d been through something, gotten over something, had a breakthrough of some kind.” Zora

Cheers, homies!

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