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Listening Party: George Michael

george On Christmas Day 2016, the world lost a truly iconic figure in pop music. His songs are permanent fixtures in the hearts of all music lovers. George Michael was a gifted singer, and a brilliant songwriter, arranger, and producer. George had a real knack for writing the dopest pop songs. A lot of people tend to focus on his music from the eighties, but George was the shit throughout his entire career. He leaves us with an incredible body of work to remember him by. Here are the songs that I believe define George Michael.

1. Everything She Wants (Wham!)

2. Amazing

3. Father Figure

4. Round Here

5. John And Elvis Are Dead

6. Careless Whisper (Wham!)

7. Jesus To A Child

8. Freedom! ’90

9. Flawless

10. Cowboys And Angels

11. You Have Been Loved

12. Spinning The Wheel

13. Older

14. Fastlove- Pt. 1

15. It Doesn’t Really Matter

16. Moment With You

17. Praying For Time

18. One More Try

19. Heal The Pain

20. Roxanne (cover)

21. Star People

22. Free

23. Monkey

24. Hard Day

25. Outside

26. I Want Your Sex Pts. 1 & 2

27. Freeek! ’04

28. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (Wham!)

29. Faith

30. I Can’t Make You Love Me (cover)

Cheers, homies!


Image Credit- Herb Rits


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