Writing Playlist #13

goThis playlist is hard rock themed with a side of metal.

1. Stranded- Gojira

2. Blood Eagle Wings- Anthrax

3. I Hope You Suffer- AFI

4. The Day I Tried To Live- Soundgarden

5. Dark Matter- Straight Line Stich

6. Die With Me- Type O Negative

7. Dead Memories- Slipknot

8. Ride The Lightning- Metallica

9. Am I Inside- Alice In Chains

10. Tongue-Tied- Earshot

11. Pressure- Staind

12. No Fun- Crippled Black Phoenix

13. Never Leave- Seether

14. One Of Us Is The Killer- The Dillinger Escape Plan

15. Wildfire- P.O.D.

16. Survivalism- Nine Inch Nails

17. Soraya- Animals As Leaders

18. Kashmir- Oceans Of Slumber

19. Dying In Your Arms- Trivium

20. Zero Signal- Fear Factory

21. Ghostrider- Rollins Band

22. Addicted To Pain- Alter Bridge

23. Head- Otep

24. Vow- Militia Vox

25. You Lied- Tool

Cheers, homies!

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Listening Party: Queens Of The Stone Age

qu Queens Of The Stone Age makes incredible and unforgettable music. They have an unmistakable sound that is uniquely their own, and I have been in love with them since their third album Songs For The Deaf. All of their albums are brilliant masterpieces and are definitely worth a listen. Here are my favorite QOTSA jamz.

1. Keep Your Eyes Peeled

2. Song For The Deaf

3. Someone’s In The Wolf

4. God Is On The Radio

5. Everybody Knows That You’re Insane

6. Into The Hollow

7. I Sat By The Ocean

8. Turnin’ On The Screw

9. Little Sister

10. The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret

11. No One Knows

12. Kalopsia

13. Regular John

14. Tangled Up In Plaid

15. Fairweather Friends

16. Do It Again

17. The Vampyre Of Time And Memory

18. Go With The Flow

19. Feel Good Hit Of The Summer

20. Sick Sick Sick

21. The Sky Is Fallin’

22. My God Is The Sun

23. Suture Up Your Future

24. If I Had A Tail

25. Medication

26. 3’s & 7’s

27. First It Giveth

28. I Think I Lost My Headache

29. Walkin’ On The Sidewalks

30. “You Got A Killer Scene There, Man”

Cheers, homies!


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Book Quotes: Disappearing Acts

dis Highlighting memorable lines from the books I love is a constant activity. In my Book Quotes posts I will share my favorite quotes from some beloved novels of mine, starting with my second favorite novel OF ALL TIME Disappearing Acts by Terry McMillian.

Published in 1989 and taking place in 1983 Brooklyn; Disappearing Acts is about the burgeoning love story between Zora Banks, and Franklin Swift. Zora is a junior high school teacher, and an aspiring singer-songwriter. Franklin is a construction worker who is amazingly talented. and dreams big. From the moment they met the chemistry between them is explosive- and something I envied to be honest. Disappearing Acts is just one of those groundbreaking works of art, and it’s so exceptional that I will always recognize the novel as life changing literature.

1. “A man’s mind is about the strongest thing he got going for him.” Franklin

2. “I’ve got two major weaknesses: tall black men and food. But not necessarily in that order.” Zora

3. “How can you hurry up when you’re trying to create a work of art?” Franklin

4. “To tell the truth, sometimes I get scared when I think of myself being in a world where I don’t make a bit of difference.” Zora

5. “When she opened the door, she looked like she’d had a rough night. She was still pretty though, even with no makeup. Her skin looked like Lipton tea.” Franklin

6. “I can’t hug and kiss a bank account, and if I could, I’m sure it wouldn’t make me feel like this.” Zora

7. “This time, baby, don’t be scared. This man ain’t interested in breaking your heart- he’s interested in gluing in back together and keeping it for hisself.” Franklin

8. “He could’ve given me some credit for wanting to understand. I mean really. By now I thought he knew we were in this thing together.” Zora

9. “Right now I need to keep her laughing, ’cause that job didn’t come through. Everything is always put on hold for some stupid-ass reason.” Franklin

10. No man has ever made me feel like this. And no man has ever set me on fire when he touches me- not the way he can.” Zora

11. “He just told me to go ahead and be a man. That just because I get laid off from time to time, that that ain’t no reason to feel like less than one.” Franklin

12. “I needed to stop thinking about myself for awhile. To simply unplug all the wires that were beginning to short-circuit inside my head.” Zora

13. “You know, I took a lotta things for granted, and since I been by myself, all I’ve had time to do is think. Put some things in perspective.” Franklin

14. “Writing these songs were cleansing in and of itself. I always felt different when I finished. As if I’d been through something, gotten over something, had a breakthrough of some kind.” Zora

Cheers, homies!

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Current Reads #5

Yass for another installment of Current Reads! Here are the books that I started over the weekend. I’ll be reviewing these books- and the ones from Current Reads #4, in my upcoming Finished Reads #1 post.

chasing Chasing Moonlight by Raven St. Pierre- I think this author is fantastic! Her novels always give me a case of the feels, and Chasing Moonlight will carry on that tradition I’m sure. Chasing Moonlight is a historical, interracial romance set in the forties. I’m only on the third chapter, but I’m already getting all emo.

prep Prep And Prejudice by Miren B. Flores- Prep And Prejudice is a modern retelling of Jane Austen’s Pride And Prejudice. Let me keep it real… I’ve never read Pride And Prejudice! Yeah, I know that’s possibly a major sin, but whatever. 🙂 I’m going into this novella blind as hell!

enf Re-Read: The Enforcer by Kaye Blue- I just needed my hitman romance fix. Don’t judge me! Loved this novella!! 5 stars!!!!!

Let a sista know what you’re reading!

Cheers, homies!

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Writing Playlist#12

ninetiesThis playlist has a nineties theme. A majority of these songs were featured in heavy rotation on both radio, and MTV. 🙂

1. Lightning Crashes- Live

2. Hooch- Melvins

3. Tomorrow- Silverchair

4. Knockin’ Da’ Boots- H-Town

5. That’s The Way Love Goes- Janet Jackson

6. Novocaine  For The Soul- Eels

7. Comforter- Shai

8. Cumbersome- Seven Mary Three

9. Tell Me- Groove Theory

10. Greedy Fly- Bush

11. I’ll Stick Around- Foo Fighters

12. Sober- Tool

13. Hey Man, Nice Shot- Filter

14. Closer- Nine Inch Nails

15. You- Candlebox

16. Mysterious Ways- U2

17. Cherub Rock- Smashing Pumpkins

18. Clean My Wounds- Corrosion Of Conformity

19. Trigger Happy Jack- Poe

20. Secret- Madonna

21. Weak- SWV

22. Guilty- Gravity Kills

23. Warped- Red Hot Chili Peppers

24. Creep- TLC

25. Doll Parts- Hole

26. Loser- Beck

27. Feel The Funk- Immature

28. Naked Eye- Luscious Jackson

29. Gotta Get Away- The Offspring

30. Longview- Green Day

31. Gel- Collective Soul

32. I Get Around- Tupac Shakur

33. Superman’s Dead- Our Lady Peace

34. Stay- Jodeci

35. Lithium- Nirvana

Cheers, homies!


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Guest Blog Post: Love Deferred By Felicia Scott

luvI know so many talented people that it’s freaking ridiculous. I’ve always wanted my little blog to not just be a place for me to work things out (your gurl has issues, y’all), but also as a platform to share the works of others. Before I was a writer I was- and is, a fan of soul-stirring, thought provoking, life altering prose.

Love will always be one of my favorite subjects, and my ultimate muse… but enough about me. 🙂

Felicia Scott is a homie in which I have a ton of things in common with, writing being the most important. Strictly due to instinct I asked her if she would consider doing a little sumthin’ sumthin’ for my blog. My gut told me that Felicia was insanely talented and would bring something uniquely original to the table.   What she put together really moved me and I loved it. As a hopeless romantic I totally enjoyed what she conveyed in her piece Love Deferred. I had to break out the damn Kleenex and everything!

Without further ado… here is Love Deferred.


Love Deferred

How do you adapt to a love deferred?

At what point do you resign all hope?

Love is the thing that wakes us in the morning.

It’s the substance that keeps our blood flowing, or boiling, depends on the type of love.

I’ve found in my life so far I’ve only loved one person.

I never believed in it before.

I never hoped for it nor did I want it.

I’m not that girl that wished for a wedding, or a Prince in shinning armor.

I’ve never believed a man can solve all your problems; and most certainly don’t believe that I needed a man, until he came along and changed my perspective.

Oh, I still find it difficult to admit I fell so hard in this love trap.

Wouldn’t you call it a trap?

I’m not sure if I agree with Alfred Lord Tennyson. “Tis better to love than never to never have loved at all.”

How can someone that has lost a love, ever feel that way?

For me to experience what I consider to be real love, you know the kind that makes you want to do better.

Be better.

The type of love that takes your breath away.

The type of love that leaves butterflies in your stomach just with the thought of the person.

The type that makes all your bad days seem insignificant.

That my friends is something I never want to experience again.

To know that I now have to live the rest of my life hoping to experience just an ounce of that type of LOVE leaves me feeling hopeless.

I remember reading something as a child that referred to people being created in pairs, along with people picking their families, their life.

So, let’s put our religious beliefs aside, and say that we were all made in pairs that the universe decided to make myself, and another male version that was to walk this journey with me.

You still with me?

Now just imagine no longer having your other half, the one that was created for you.

The one that could read your mind and your feelings.

The one that understood how you like your coffee, and understood you must have your coffee before the day gets started.

Now just for one second imagine all of that gone.

That feeling of security and relief, no longer there.

That is a love deferred.

That is why I’m lost- slightly hopeful, bust lost none the less.

Love is dangerous and scary to me.

To imagine giving my inner most self to someone again.

No, sorry I can’t do it.

I can’t create memories with someone that will no longer be there.

I can’t give that part of me again.

So, yes there’s a deferment on love in the Queensland (lol, my world).

In this land we are kind, civil, pleasant, we give that out ten fold.

But, love is banned for right now, until we determine how and why you want love, and what you plan on doing with it after you get it.

How you plan to reciprocate it?

It will be deferred for an indiscriminate amount of time.

Oh yes, I know a lot of you are saying “You’re just afraid. You’ve been hurt. You just need to get over it.”

You’re right. I am hurt.

I am getting over it, and in the meantime Queensland will not be sharing its most precious commodity.

Love deferred.


Thanks so much, Felicia!

Cheers, homies!

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Scriptures #2

Psalms is my most favored book of the Bible; to me it’s the most relatable. Most of the Psalms includes the longings, frustrations, fears, and passions expressed by someone (mostly David), in a truly poetic manner.  Here are the best (in my opinion) verses from Psalms book 30.

Psalm 30:1- I will exalt, you, O Lord, for you lifted me up out of the depths and did not let my enemies gloat over me.

Psalm 30:4- Sing to the Lord, you saints of his; praise his holy name.

Psalm 30:5- …Weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.

Psalm 30:8- To you, O Lord, I called; to the Lord I cried for mercy.

Psalm 30:11- You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy…

Cheers, homies!


Writing Playlist #11

snoop This playlist revolves around the music of my favorite rapper, Snoop Dogg.

1. Tha Shiznit

2. Pass It Pass It

3. California Roll

4. Loosen’ Control

5. Gin And Juice

6. Let’s Get Blown

7. Who Am I (What’s My Name)

8. Snoop’s Upside Your Head

9. Slow Down

10. Doin’ Too Much

11. No Thang On Me

12. Round Here

13. Lay Low

14. Sexual Eruption

15. Lodi Dodi

16. Down For My N’s

17. Doggy Dogg World

18. Snoop D.O. Double G

19. Ain’t No Fun

20. Murder Was The Case

Cheers, homies!

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Current Reads #4

It’s time for the latest installment of Current Reads; my first for the new year. Once I’m done with these books I will be giving mini reviews, they’ll be featured in my new Finished Reads posts. Let’s get this party started!

la Collecting The Pieces by L.A. Fiore- This novel was recommended by Amazon, so I’m essentially taking a chance on a new author. I’d never read anything by L.A. Fiore, but I refuse to fear the unknown… when it comes to reading. The novel is about the two important loves of a woman’s life, at least that’s what I’m gathering from the synopsis. You can read that synopsis here. I really hope I’ve found a new author to dig.

you-getYou Get So Alone At Times That It Just Makes Sense by Charles Bukowski- I first learned of Charles Bukowski last year, and I have been starving to own one of his poetry collections. I can’t wait to see what he’s all about.

So, what are you guys currently reading? Let a sista know!

Cheers, homies!


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Reading Goals 2017

old-books When the calendar changes from December to January, everyone starts creating their lists of goals that they want to accomplish. My personal goals haven’t changed much from years passed, but my reading goals sort of borderline on ambitious. I think.

Number Count: On Goodreads my Reading Challenge number count is thirty. Honestly, I plan on reading more than that, but I just didn’t need all that extra pressure. Lol. My goal is to read a hundred books in 2017.

Biographies: Documentaries have completely ruled my world over the last few weeks; so much so that I want to start reading more biographies, and memoirs in 2017. I just love learning about other people from all walks of life.

Inspirational And Self-Help: A sista is always trying to improve in all areas. I’ve always read books by Joyce Meyer, and Joel Osteen and will continue to do so. I also want to explore the self-help genre much more. Yesterday I purchased books by Louise Hay, and Dr. Wayne Dyer. I’m also committed to reading an Iyanla Vanzant self-help book I bought last year.

Erotic Romance: Would it surprise anyone if I said I want to read a ton of erotic romance novels this year? No? Okay, moving on. 😀

Diverse Reads: I want to read more diverse books. Reading works by people of color is important to me. I mean I do that already, but I want to check out works by authors who are of Hispanic, Asian, and Native American descent as well. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

A New Genre: Magical Realism is a book genre “that blends fantastical elements with every day occurrences” according to Google. Magical Realism sounds like a genre that I really need to get into. A few popular magical realism books include “The Time Traveler’s Wife” by Audrey Niffenegger, “Beloved” by Toni Morrison, “Kafka On The Shore” by Haruki Murakami, and “Property Of” by Alice Hoffman. I purchased “Property Of” the other day. I really hope I enjoy it.

So, what are your reading goals for 2017?

Cheers, homies!

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