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Writing Playlist #10

hornsHere’s my hard rock/metal themed playlist. Writing wise it’s going to be a busy week for me. I want to do some extra blog posts to have on reserve; you know for those lazy days. There’s a short story that I want to finish before Christmas. And as usual I’m working on my main novel. I know how the next ten chapters will go, but I want to rearrange some things. I put this list together last night, and I’m digging the hell out of it.

1. Now I Lay Thee Down- Machine Head

2. Your Girl- Tamir-Kali

3. Addicted To Chaos- Megadeth

4. Ashes To Ashes- Faith No More

5. Forest- System Of A Down

6. Parasistic Twins- The Dillinger Escape Plan

7. I Can’t Remember- Alice In Chains

8. People Of The Sun- Rage Against The Machine

9. Gehena- Slipknot

10. Tear Down The Sky- Straight Line Stich

11. There Goes The Neighborhood- Body Count

12. New Damage- Soundgarden

13. Devout- Oceans Of Slumber

14. Feel So- Sevendust

15. Madhouse- Anthrax

16. Exhale- Kylesa

17. Who Will Save The Sane- Type O Negative

18. Mudshovel- Staind

19. Sickened- Disturbed

20. Refuse Resist- Sepultura

21. The Nobodies- Marilyn Manson

22. The Mission- Queensryche

23. The Perfect Drug- Nine Inch Nails

24. Shock- Fear Factory

25. The Calamity- Trivium

26. Battle-Axe- Deftones

Cheers, homies!


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2 responses to “Writing Playlist #10

  1. Marquessa

    I don’t know any on that list!😊

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