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Top 10 Zeppelin Jamz

zepPerplexing, hypnotic, bluesy, soulful, legendary. Yep, that sums up my feelings on one of the greatest bands of all time! Everyone knows how dope Zeppelin is, and how there will never be another band like them, so let’s get on with this list. Here are MY top 10 Jamz!

10. Immigrant Song- That yell that Robert Plant unleashes in the beginning… ooh, it’s everything!

9. The Ocean- There’s such an undeniable groove to this song.

8. Whole Lotta Love- Ooh, the riff was a gift from the Lord! I swear!

7. Ten Years Gone- A slow jam about lost love.

6. Dancing Days- This song will lift anyone’s spirits; definitely a self-care jam for me. It’s impossible to listen without dancing.

5. Sick Again- This is one epic jam that doesn’t get enough love. The riff is nasty as hell and I dig it!

4. No Quarter- The mood that this song sets… wow.

3. Achilles Last Stand- One of my favorite later jams from the Zep catalogue.

2. Dazed And Confused- Doesn’t matter what version- album, or live one, this jam is a beast!

1. Kashmir- Lawd have mercy! This jam just takes you on a wonderfully awesome trip.

That was my list! Tell me all about your fav Zep jamz below!

Cheers, homies!


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