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To Be A Blessing

blessIn a year filled with negativity and bs, I managed to still be blown away by the kindness of others. Times are tough for everyone, but there are those who have managed to still be a blessing to others. How amazing is it to know that extraordinary human beings still exist…

Most days I wish I were wealthy. I would love to constantly be a blessing to others. And I’m not just talking about during the holiday season, but throughout the entire year. I want to put smiles on the faces of my loved ones, and strangers alike. I would gift those closest to me with whatever they needed, so they wouldn’t have to go without. Whether a friend needs a new transmission for their car, groceries, or help with an unexpected bill; I would love to take care of all that.

Donating to agencies who support the homeless, women’s shelters, and disadvantaged kids has really been on my heart to do. I’ve especially wanted to give to kids who wouldn’t have much of a traditional Christmas. Every child- no matter what, deserves to have an unforgettable holiday season.

I want to do so much for others, but there’s a tiny problem… I’m broke as f**k!

So exactly how do you bless others when you’re financially unable?

Well, showing kindness to others isn’t expensive. Offering love and support is free. Being that shoulder for someone to lean on can be a gift, especially if that person is in need of some comfort.

Be kind. Be a blessing.

Cheers, homies!

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