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What I’m Digging #5

This edition of W.I.D. is an older post that I forgot to type out. Oops! The newest editions of W.I.D. will be posted in late December.

talenti     Food: I’m on this whole eating better personal movement, but this chick still loves her sweets. My bud has been very vocal about his love for gelato, so I finally searched for his highly recommended treat. I picked up a pint of Talenti Caramel Cookie Gelato and I will never be the same. I’ve been changed, y’all! The gelato was extra creamy, the caramel was rich and flavorful, and those damn cookie bits were hella crunchy. I devoured that sweet goodness with a quickness.

stTV Shows: Stranger Things came out of nowhere and turned into an instant classic! I wasn’t even expecting the show to be as incredible as it is. I figured I would enjoy it based on comments from a few Facebook peeps, but damn I really loved the show! Without giving too much away, the show is about a young boy who goes missing, and his loved ones frantically search for him. If you adore all things eighties, sci-fi, and nerd culture then check out this show.

qsQueen Sugar is a show on the OWN network brought to us by visionary filmmaker Ava DuVernay. It’s a show about three estranged siblings who come together after a tragedy. now, I wasn’t on the hunt for a new show, but decided to give the show a chance. I’m loving it!! All of the show’s elements: acting, writing, cinematography, etc are excellent. I’m hoping for a season two!

stevie Books: Although, I’m a massive Stephen King aficionado, I haven’t read his entire body of work, but that’s about to change. My plan is to spend the remainder of this year- and the next, reading all the books I’ve never read by Uncle Stevie. I just finished “Misery”, and it was an amazing masterpiece.

Hope you enjoyed my list!

Cheers, homies!


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