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Writing Playlist #5

amel Playlist #5 features the music of one of the dopest singers ever, Amel Larrieux.

1. Unanswered Question

2. Sweet Misery

3. For Real

4. We Can Be New

5. No One Else

6. Dear To Me

7. Weary

8. Afraid

9. Make Me Whole

10. Say You Want It All

11. Beyond

12. Your Eyes

13. I Like The Sunrise

14. Mountain Of When

15. Bravebird

16. Berries And Cream

17. Get Up

18. Earn My Affections

Cheers, homies!


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About Se'Quasha Smith

I'm a writer/poet/aspiring author who is hardcore obsessed with books, music, movies, dope TV shows, and a ton of other random ish.

One response to “Writing Playlist #5

  1. I’m not familiar with her new stuff, but used to love her back in the day!

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