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Current Reads #3

eat Reading at least two books at a time is usually how I roll, but currently I’m just devoted to one book. Yeah, I’m totally shocked at this myself. Eat. Pray. Love. was released well over a decade ago. I remember everyone being absolutely in love with the book; once Oprah talked about E.P.L. it then became a phenomenon. Last month I decided that now was definitely the time to read this book. I’m needing all the positive, and inspirational books during this last half of the year. I figured I would dig the book, but I couldn’t predict how much I’ve connected with it.

Elizabeth Gilbert and I are from very different walks of life, but I swear everything I’ve read so far has really spoken to my soul. Ms. Gilbert seemingly had recited passages from my journals… how was it that she knew exactly how I felt on a variety of subjects?! It’s completely insane!

I’m taking my time with reading E.P.L. because I want to savor every page. I’m loving it!

Cheers, homies!



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  1. I still want to read this one, glad you’re enjoying it!

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