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Writing Playlist #3

aicThis playlist features music from one of my fav bands! Alice In Chains!!

1. Angry Chair

2. Love Hate Love

3. Rotten Apple

4. Sunshine

5. Bleed The Freak

6. Heaven Beside You

7. Dirt

8. Over Now

9. Them Bones

10. Sea Of Sorrow

11. Would

12. Junkhead

13. I Stay Away

14. So Close

15. Man In The Box

16. No Excuses

17. Got Me Wrong

18. Brother

19. Hate To Feel

20. Sludge Factory

21. Rooster

22. Down In A Hole

Cheers, homies!



Image Credit- I do not own the image in this post.





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I'm a writer/poet/aspiring author who is hardcore obsessed with books, music, movies, dope TV shows, and a ton of other random ish.

3 responses to “Writing Playlist #3

  1. One of my ALL TIME FAVORITES!!!!! 😍

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