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Nine Boss Reads

The following nine books helped pull me out of a reading slump. Usually, I write about books in my Current Reads, and What I’m Digging posts, but I decided to do a separate posts for these.

beast 1. Beast by Pepper Pace- Pepper Pace is a hella talented writer who specializes in erotic romance. Her novel Beast is a modern day retelling of the classic fairytale Beauty And The Beast. Christopher is a Marine born with a severe cleft palate, and has a facial deformity. Ashleigh works for the government, is a gorgeous plus-size woman, and has her share of issues. The pair start out as friends, but with their undeniable chemistry they soon turn into lovers. Beast was the type of love story that was easy to get lost in. It also managed to make me think deeply about the standards of beauty society tries to force upon us. We get so caught up in the physical sometimes… when we should really appreciate inner beauty instead. I gave this incredibly written novel 5 stars.

invasion 2. The Invasion by Brett McBean- This is the first novel By Australian author Brett McBean that I’ve read; and it wont be the last I assure you. He took the classic home invasion scenario and turned it up to ten. The novel is about a best-selling author who threw a Christmas party for her loved ones. A portion of the guests leave with four remaining, and everyone left experiences a night of terror and madness. The Invasion was disturbing, gruesome, and well written. It’s not for the faint of heart, this novel really takes it there with a high level of violence that never lets up. 4.5 Stars

cotd 3. Children Of The Dark by Jonathan Janz- Mr. Janz has quickly become one of my new fav writers. Horror writing is often frowned upon, but Jonathan’s prose, and colorful language made for a compelling- unforgettable, read. COTD introduces us to Will Burgess who is fifteen, and will undergo the worst summer of his young life. In the small town of Shadeland, storms of both rain, and evil are about to descend on the unsuspecting residents. COTD was so well executed, and is a fucking flawless masterpiece. 5 Stars

troop 4. The Troop by Nick Cutter- Described as 28 Days Later meets Lord Of The Flies, The Troop is about a group of boy scouts, and their scout leader. They were supposed to spend a weekend camping in the Canadian wilderness, but plans changed with a quickness! A supposed to be fun trip turned into a weekend of unspeakable horror. I’m trying to be as vague as possible because readers should go in blind. One scene grossed me out so much that I scratched up my arms because it felt like something was crawling on my skin. 5 Stars

moore 5. Moore To Love by Faith Andrews- Madeline Moore is a full-figured protagonist on the road to loving, and valuing herself. As a thick chick currently on a self-love journey, I connected with this book from the first page. Putting this down wasn’t an option because it was funny, and delightful. Faith Andrews is freaking fantastic, and checking out her other works is a given. 4 Stars

before 6. Before I Go To Sleep by S.J. Watson- This was a psychological thriller about a woman suffering from a rare form of amnesia. Each morning Christine has to familiarize herself with everything around her; she’s unable to retain her memories from the previous day. The beginning and ending of this novel were mind-blowing, the middle was a bit difficult to get through. I found myself rushing through certain sections, so I had to give it a rating of 3.5 Stars. I still dug the book, but would have rated it higher if it hadn’t been for the middle section.

sister7. The Sister by Louise Jensen- Psychological thrillers have become my shiz! Grace is grieving for her best friend, Charlie, and having drama with her significant other, Dan. A woman claiming to be Charlie’s sister gets in contact with Grace, and that’s when she begins to deal with unthinkable issues. The Sister had me all kinds of anxious, and the twists and turns kept me engrossed from start to finish. Ooh, and what a finish it was! That plot twist was Hitchcockian, for realz! 4 Stars

everything 8. Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng- From the synopsis we’re told that the middle child of an interracial (Chinese-American and white) family in 1970’s Ohio is dead. Marilyn and James Lee put the burden of their unfulfilled desires on their daughter, Lydia, with crushing results. The Lee’s had two other children, but Lydia has had their focus from the day she was born. That kind of favoritism is essentially just a recipe for disaster within families. This is one of the saddest novels I’ve ever read. Marilyn and James were just existing and not truly living. Their children were just longing for love and attention that I didn’t feel that they received. And although we know from the  start that Lydia died, the story shows all the events leading up to her death. It’s almost like a mystery is within this family drama, because you’re trying to piece together just how Lydia died, and under what circumstances. 4.5 Stars

Into 9. Into The Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes- Girl meets Boy. Girl falls madly in love with Boy. Boy turns out to be a psychopath. Girl tries to rebuild her life. This is a beautifully complex psychological thriller that had me double checking if the doors were locked, and if all the closets were empty! 😀 I don’t want to say too much about this amazing novel… just read it! 5 Stars

Cheers, homies!


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