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Ready For Fall

Fall  Summer can seriously kiss my ass because I’m so over it! These triple digit temperatures are cruel and unrelenting. The humidity has me wanting to repent at least every five seconds. And the bugs?! The bugs are total savages and belong in the darkest pits of hell. I’m an August baby, but I’ve never been fond of the summertime. In fact most Leos I know strongly hate the summer; a trait possibly inherited by our mothers who spent their last trimester suffering.

Fall is the most picturesque and gorgeous time of the year. Technically, Fall like temperatures doesn’t hit Texas until November, but whatever I’m still hyped. I love the way the leaves change colors, it’s so pretty. And feeling that cool, crisp air always puts a massive smile on my face. And who doesn’t love longer nights, and shorter days… I sure do!

Fall is such an amazing time to be creative. I plan to be very productive this Fall. I have all these new ideas for Fall themed stories. And during Fall is when all the great new novels are released. I can already see myself with a mug of Kahlua spiked hot chocolate, and a psychological thriller in my hands.

I pretty much wear Fall lipstick and nail colors year round, but it’s definitely even more special to rock those colors during my fav season. Rich wines, burgundies, deep purples, bold reds, I’m just ready to rock all those colors. As soon as the weather changes I’m busting out my boots, and turtlenecks, and it will be an amazing time. I live for my favorite pair of black boots.

The best candle scents come out for Fall. I’m ready to make a few candle purchases at Bath & Body Works, Target, and Wally-Mart. I love anything that has pumpkin waffles attached to it.

So what do you love about Fall? Let me know! Thanks for reading!

Cheers, homies!


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I'm a writer/poet/aspiring author who is hardcore obsessed with books, music, movies, dope TV shows, and a ton of other random ish.

7 responses to “Ready For Fall

  1. Though I haven’t experienced a true fall in years having lived in Cali and AZ for the past 7 years, I love the changing leaves, the crunch of them under my feet once they’ve fallen, and breaking out my sweatshirts and fleece pajama pants.

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  2. kimgedeon ⋅

    Even us NYCers were suffering from a heat wave. Girl, I can’t even imagine what you were dealing with down in Texas. I need some fresh air so I can’t wait ’til Fall! I love me some burgandy hues too!

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