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What I’m Digging #4

Here’s everything that I’ve been digging as of late.

Fear Music: Fear Factory is a band that I’ve heard of, but I had yet to check out their work. Awhile back I heard their song called “Replica” and I was just altered. OMG this band is hella dope! I can’t believe I was sleeping on them. Metal has really had a calming effect on me lately. I have no idea why, but after listening to this band I feel much more relaxed. FF’s music is like receiving a full body massage, or the calm buzz you feel after having a good cocktail. Love them!

Meg Meg Myers was introduced to me by a friend’s post on Facebook. The song that was posted was called “Desire” and it was straight fire! After listening to that jam five times I immediately went on YouTube to look up more songs. Every single Meg song I heard I fell in love with. She is totally one of those confessional singer-songwriters who makes beautiful- relatable, music that stirs the soul.

SledgeRihanna is a singer that I’ve never been a fan of, but a sista might have to eat her words. She has this song for the new Star Trek Beyond soundtrack that has knocked me on my ass, yo! I love “Sledgehammer”!!! Lyrically, musically, and vocally this song is so atmospheric. I play this jam on repeat, believe me.

Sons TV Shows: All good shows must come to an end. I understand that concept, but it doesn’t stop me from mourning. I’ve been re-watching all my best-loved episodes of Sons Of Anarchy over the last week. SOA was such an unforgettable and brilliant show. Every season was well written, and well acted. My bud got me into the show in the summer before its fifth season; so I binged the first four seasons just in time for the Fall premiere in 2012. Instantly I connected with the amazing characters, and really fell for them. The storylines were innovative and intriguing… damn I loved SOA!

Served Are You Being Served? is a classic British comedy that I’ve been addicted to since I was a kid. I’ve been watching episodes of this landmark series whenever I’ve been depressed, and it makes me laugh until my side aches. AYBS? revolves around a retail staff employed at a department store called Grace Brothers. All the characters are colorful, and funny as hell! Mr. Humphries has always been the character I favored the most. Every episode of this show will have you laughing out loud, hardcore. Love it!

Brokeback Short Stories: After reading Brokeback Mountain for the hundredth time, I realized that it’s one of my most adored love stories. Brokeback Mountain by Anne Prolux, is about two men who carry on a twenty year love affair that begins in the early sixties when they worked together herding sheep.  Although they lived separate lives they would come together a few times a year, and they treasured that time… hell, they lived for that time.  This story is heartbreaking, tumultuous, and emotional. The ending leaves me broken (no pun intended) every freaking time.

Cheers, homies!


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