10 Bookish Facts About Me

books Some of my favorite YouTubers (booktubers) have made videos sharing fun facts about themselves; all the facts are book related. I thought it would be fun to come up with a list of my own. Let’s get to it.

1. When I was younger I lived for the book fairs at school.

2. Ninety percent of my reading is done at night.

3. I still have copies of Archie comics from the late eighties.

4. I haven’t had a functional bookshelf since 2008.

5. I have an obsession with bookmarks. My collection is dope!

6. In high school I loved me some Christopher Pike and R.L. Stine books.

7. Terry McMillian is everything! I love her work and have read “Disappearing Acts” well over a hundred times.

8. My Eric Jerome Dickey books look craptastic, but I refuse to replace them.

9. I have a new found interest in mysteries.

10. I discovered Stephen King novels at thirteen. He is my everything!

Thanks for reading my post! Cheers, homies!


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A Little Sumthin’ Sumthin’ About The Game Of Thrones Season Six Finale



Season Six of Game Of Thrones was pure epicness!  The season finale was straight up fire! Sadly, I’m going through withdrawals, for realz. This post is just a few of my thoughts about certain scenes. This is not a comprehensive review and I’m just doing it for fun.

Wildfire in King’s Landing- The finale started off with key characters getting ready for the trials of Ser Loras Tyrell, and Cersei Lannister at the Sept of Baelor. And by the way wasn’t that opening musical score beautiful? Lawd! I live for that kind of dopeness. Anyhoo, when the absence of King Tommen, and Cersei were noticed by Margaery, she tried to warn the High Sparrow that something was off. None of them had no idea what was about to hit them. The Wildfire stored in King’s Landing by King fucked in the head- aka Mad King Aerys, was ignited and killed everyone inside the Sept. Cersei destroyed all her enemies in one fatal damn swoop! Her vengeance came with a devastating price though… she also lost her last child when Tommen killed himself. I didn’t like Tommen, but I wasn’t expecting his death. On another note I loved the little birds. Those kids were starving (I bet), and probable took out Maester Pycelle for a damn chicken drumstick or something. I thought I was watching a medieval version of Children Of The Corn.

Celebration at the Twins- Walder Frey is boasting in a victory that he had nothing to do with. Don’t you hate it when folks do that? The Lannister army deserved the credit for sure, and Jaime Lannister made sure Walder knew that. Meanwhile, there was a servant girl going around giving Jaime “the look” at the banquet. Hmmm…

Oldtown’s dopest library- Sam, Gilly, and little Sam finally arrived at the citadel. Sam’s reaction to the library was priceless, and who could blame him. I mean my eyes got a little misty when I saw that ish. Only a lover of books could appreciate such a spectacular vision.

Ser Davos ready to raise hell in Winterfell- Ser Davos is fast becoming one of my favorite characters. Ser D confronts Melisandre about the killing of Shireen Baratheon, and the scene was everything! Ser D’s anger, heartache, and devastation over losing Princess Shireen  was evident in his words, and facial expressions. Melisandre had egg all over her damn face. I mean she really couldn’t say shit. Jon banished her from Winterfell and she got off easy. She was lucky that Ser Davos didn’t rip her a new one.

Some chit-chat in Dorne- The Dorne storylines have been mediocre at best. Ooh, but when I saw Lady Olenna I knew it was about to go down. Lady O brings the drama like no one else. Rocking her all black mourning garments she shut the Sand Snakes down, and I was rooting her on! Ellaria Sand was trying to get Lady O to form an alliance to go against Cersei. Varys soon appeared, and you know he had no trouble convincing Lady O to join the winning team.

Breaking up is hard to do in Mereen- Poor Daario! He was all about serving his Queen in and out the bedroom. All he wanted was to be by Daenerys’side, but she wasn’t having none of that.

Daario- “Babe, I love you.”

Dany- “Look we had fun. The sex was on point, but I have a damn kingdom to conquer. I don’t have time for some love bullshit. Dude, you can’t go where I’m going.”

Daario then asked if Tyrion was behind all that… and it was shown that he in fact was. Ooh, and how emotional was it when Dany made Tyrion Hand of the Queen?!

Ned would be proud of Arya- The Red Wedding was a memorable event in episodic television history. Arya has to be the smartest character of the entire show. She basically only trained with Jaqen just to get her revenge on all who hurt her family. When Arya slashed Walder’s throat I was mesmerized by the look on her face; she said so much without uttering a single word. Maisie Williams played the hell out of Arya in that scene. I enjoyed seeing Walder’s disgust when he realized that his sons were pie filling. And shout out to actor David Bradley who portrayed Walder Frey incredibly.

Sansa and Littlefinger- Sansa needs to get the hell away from Littlefinger! That man is dangerous, treacherous, and all the other adjectives that describe power hungry perverts. He can’t be trusted, Sansa! Just ask your dad!

R+L=One fine mofo!- I’ve only read the first two GOT books and will continue after the series finale. R+L=J was the first theory that I’d heard about when I got into GOT. Fans have long speculated that Jon Snow was the offspring of Rhaegar Targaryen, and Lyanna Stark, and not the “son” of Ned Stark, and some unknown woman. Getting confirmation of Jon’s parentage excited me more than I realized… but that reveal now may cause some new problems. Scratch that, it will cause some new problems.

King In The North- Please tell me that I wasn’t the only one shouting during this scene. I didn’t have a sword so I had to raise my remote in tribute. 😀 I was so happy and proud of Jon, but the true star of the scene was Lady Lyanna Mormont. She commanded respect and attention, and she got it. Bella Ramsey- aka Lady Mormont, has a bright future ahead of her in the acting game. She stole every scene that she was in. And the fact that GOT was her first gig… I’m blown away. I’m praying that we see her in the next season. Hecks, we need a damn Lady Mormont spin off show, dang it! Make it happen HBO!

The new Queen of Westeros- Rocking a black leather dress and giving no fucks, Cersei was crowned Queen. There was an aura in the crowd that said “we’re so fucked”. I mean no one was happy about Cersei becoming Queen. Jaime probably had all kinds of questions in his head. I can’t wait to see him confront her next season. I have a feeling that their little love affair is over.

Dany, dem dragons, and the peeps- Dany is not to be messed with! That ending scene with the fleets of boats gave me so much life! Dany started out as a frightened girl, but now she is that chick! We have waited so long for Dany to take back what belongs to her, and now she is on her way. Dany has gained so much strength and knowledge over the last few years. With the Dorne and Tyrell armies, the Iron Born, the Dothraki, the Unsullied, and Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion- aka dem dragons, behind her… ooh wee! Dany will be unstoppable! Cersei better get prepared because Dany is about to light a match to that ass, Targaryen style!

Season seven is going to blow all of us away!

Cheers, homies!


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