Current Reads #1

Here’s a list of the books that I’m currently reading. Reading is so my thing and I have some great picks.

foxy     Foxy: My Life in Three Acts by Pam Grier with Andrea Cagan– Pam Grier is a mother*****g icon, a trailblazer, but her most important role is that of a survivor. I’m reading this bossome memoir for the second time, and I’m loving it even more. This woman has overcome an abundant amount of odds to get where she is. I had no idea that she had endured so much. I love reading about strong women who have survived their trials. Pam is totally inspiring me these days.

     joyce     Get Your Hopes Up! by Joyce Meyer- Joyce Meyer is a phenomenal and talented author. I have several of her titles and have enjoyed them immensely. In this life you will have drama which could possibly cause hopelessness. When I’m down in the ditch I definitely read spiritual/inspirational books to help keep me going. This book was a gift from my bud, Damon, and so far I’m loving it.

dl          Same Time Next Week by DL White- This is an interracial erotic romance from an indie author I found on Tumblr. So far the story is about a songwriter and former boy band member, and an intriguing woman with a past she’s trying not to keep buried. The chemistry between these characters has been scorching. Ooh wee! Can’t wait to find out what else is in store for Jackson and Shelby.

r     This last entry in the list is a little unconventional, but I want to share it anyway. The term “guilty pleasures” doesn’t apply to me because I don’t feel guilty about what I like. I may have mentioned that I love WWE Superstar Roman Reigns. No matter what anyone else says I think Roman is a beast in the squared circle. He’s a remarkable wrestler with a blessed future ahead of him. Now, with that being said… I respect his talent, but I also think he’s hella fine!!! Yass, Lawd!! Lately I’ve been reading a few fanfiction stories starring Romey Rome on Tumblr. I used to talk so much shit about fanfiction writers, but hand me a towel to wipe all the egg off my face. These fanfiction writers are amazing! There’s a writer on Tumblr who has become my favorite. I read her blog/stories EVERY night before bed. Even if she hadn’t posted anything new I just re-read her previous stories. Her blog is called Boy Does He Reign and you can check it out here.

That’s my list, y’all. Please share your current reads with me below.

Cheers, homies!


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     Hi! I just wanted to say thanks to my homies for following my blog. I know I haven’t been consistent with my posts. To be honest I’ve just been so drained lately; more emotional than physical.
     By the end of the week I should have some new posts coming. Can’t wait to get back to blogging!
     Cheers, homies!

The Ninth Wonder Of The World

chyna Hearing that former WWE/WWF Superstar, Chyna, aka “The Ninth Wonder Of The World” had passed away, I was terribly saddened. During my teen years I was a major fan of hers. Chyna was such a spectacular athlete, and a captivating performer. During the “Attitude Era” of the WWE/WWF, Chyna was one of the biggest stars of the game.

Watching her evolve from one of the first female enforcers, to an industry pioneer was an incredible thing to witness.

Chyna changed the rules for female wrestlers, and she broke ground in so many unique ways. Chyna was the only woman in WWE/WWF history to be a participant in the Royal Rumble, and the King Of The Ring. She’s the only woman that has held the Intercontinental Championship more than once. And not only was she a Women’s Champion, but she also was a contender for the then WWF Championship.

Chyna kicked ass in all directions throughout her career with the WWE/WWF.

I just wanted to drop a few lines for her in tribute. Rest in peace to a true badass, game changer, a revolutionary athlete. Rest easy, Chyna Doll.

Cheers, homies.


Image Credit- People Magazine

Life Drama And Writing

I’ve often said that writing is my therapy; sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps me sane, and hopeful. Nothing stops the ink from flowing like life drama. Most of my writer’s block episodes happen because of the drama going on within, and around me.

Drama belongs in books and TV shows… other than that I avoid it like the plague. I’m not very argumentative or confrontational because I dread dealing with chaotic situations. If someone disagrees with me on a certain topic, it’s like okay whatever. I don’t give a hot damn if you think Roman Reigns sucks. I think- wait a sec I’m totally getting off subject here as usual. 😀 Basically drama just makes me shut down.

At the first of the year I decided to write more, but 2016 being the overly dramatic cunt that she is had other plans for me. Those plans had appeared in the form of life and family drama. I live with my egg donor- my mother, and sometimes the mother/daughter dynamic doesn’t allow a fruitful session of writing. After an intense argument back in March with the egg donor, I stopped writing for three weeks. She touched the exposed nerve that all writers seem to have… she hinted that I was wasting my time writing. I was so exhausted and hurt by our verbal exchange that I lost my damn mojo.

Prayer, and pep talks from my buds really helped me. Soon after I was back to creating magic on those white pages.

All was “well” until this past weekend. Once again drama was dropped on my plate, and I seriously didn’t remember ordering it off the menu. I was already feeling a little depressed and anxious, so getting into another argument was temporarily crippling.

After I had a little talk with Jesus (yass, praise Him), I made a promise to myself. No longer will I allow life drama, family drama, or anything else to stop my show. I’m not getting any younger and I have to press on.

Don’t let anything or anyone stop you from progressing.

Cheers, homies.