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What I’m Digging #3

It’s time for another edition of What I’m Digging! Let’s get started. 🙂

flowers Books: I’m currently reading “Flowers In The Attic” by V.C. Andrews. Everyone has seen the 1987 film adaptation starring Kristy Swanson, and Louise Fletcher. My homie, Wendy, was raving her behind off about this infamous story. She gifted me with a copy, and I’m almost done reading it. Obviously the film and the book are two different beasts; mainly because there’s so much that the movie left out. “Flowers” is about a widow named Corrine and her four children; who are forced to move in with Corrine’s parents. Corrine’s mother is a holier than thou bitch from hell; a cruel woman who believes God granted her permission to mistreat those around her in His name. Corrine’s children were forced to deal with such horrific atrocities, that it made my heart ache. I’ll never understand how their mother could allow them to be treated so cruelly. I have about fifty pages left before I’m done. I’m definitely going to order the second book in this series.

Short Story: “You Know They Got A Hell Of A Band” is a short story from Stephen King’s “Nightmares and Dreamscapes” collection. This tale is about a couple on a road trip who become lost, and end up in a town called Rock and Roll Heaven. At first the quaint town appeared to be a picturesque slice of Americana, but this is a Stephen King story. Everything isn’t what it appears to be, but learning the true origin of the town was frightening, and fascinating.

TV Shows: I love Game Of Thrones!! For the past week I’ve been re-watching the first season on HBOGO. I knew at the conclusion of the first episode that GOT would be my shit. At the end of the first season I felt as if I’d been through an emotional war. The major character deaths devastated me, but I had to continue watching. GOT isn’t a safe show; it’s truly dangerous television, folks. The fact that no character is safe just makes me enjoy the show even more. When my two favorite characters were killed off, well I didn’t know what to do with myself. GOT is very effective with taking the fans to the edge, and pushing us off the damn cliff.

john I’ve been watching old episodes of One Life To Live on YouTube. Remember when daytime dramas ruled the world? I do and it was glorious. I used to live for summer vacations just to watch the “stories” with my Big Mama. I mourn the loss of overly dramatic, but bosstastic daytime programing. I was gaga over an OLTL couple; Evangeline Williamson, and John McBain. I was so enraptured with their love story. Evangeline (played by Renee Elise Goldsberry) was a stunning, intelligent, and strong-willed attorney. John (played by Michael Easton) was a detective with a dark aura, who was all about justice. Together the were a smoldering couple that I was obsessed with in 2004. Damn, they were so amazing together! Lawd, those love scenes were hella hot! I’ve been getting my life watching all their old clips. In honor of this memorable couple I named the two lead characters Evangeline, and John, in my next short story. And the actors who portrayed my fav couple still look gorgeous today. Renee is currently on Broadway doing her thing and Michael is back on General Hospital kicking ass.

roWrestling: Wrestling has been in my system since childhood. I was watching the ish when it wasn’t cool to be a fan. I loved watching WWE/WWF, WCW, ECW, and WCCW, which was based here in Dallas. There was a place near downtown called the Sportatorium , and all the WCCW matches were filmed there. Watching the VonErichs, and The Fabulous Freebirds on Saturday nights was my thing. About 2005 my passion for sports entertainment fizzled out. There was a comeback in 2011, but after my boo, CM Punk, left the WWE I stopped tuning in. Lately, a sista has been feeling nostalgic like a mofo. I’ve been checking out old wrestling dvd’s, and matches on YouTube. Roman Reigns is my new-school fav wrestler, and he’s bossome! That man is hella talented, and he kicks serious ass! I love seeing him in action.

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading!

Cheers, homies!

   Image credits- V.C. Andrews estate. ABC network. WWE


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