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My Top 10 Live Shows

concert Back in the day when money wasn’t funny, and change wasn’t strange, this sista used to live for going to concerts. There’s nothing like seeing your favorite singer, or band live. Here’s a list of my most memorable shows.

10. Toni Braxton: Revealed at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. Friday August 18, 2006.- This show was special because it took place in Vegas on my twenty-sixth birthday. My best bud shared the experience with me and we had a hella good time. The seats were fucking amazing! Damon (best bud) was able to rest his arm on the stage. That’s how boss the seats were!! I’d never seen Toni live and I was extra excited. I had admired Toni since the seventh grade. She performed her ass off! The woman seduced the audience and made us hers. People tend to forget how incredibly talented Toni is. Seeing her live was a real treat. The best part was when Damon told her that he loved her, and Toni mouthed back that she loved him too! Damn, that was such an amazing way to celebrate a birthday.

9. Deftones: Diamond Eyes Tour at Verizon Theatre. Monday June 6, 2011.- This was my first time witnessing the pure bossness of Deftones. They killed it! They’re a freaking fantastic band live! Those mofos pierced my soul with their music that night. I loved that the Tones performed all my fav jams. I had a blast singing with Chino, and the crowd. Dillinger Escape Plan was the opening act, and I fell in love with them that night. Deftones are coming here to Dallas soon. My heart is broken that I can’t see them.

8. Stone Temple Pilots: Reunion Tour at Verizon Theatre. Sunday June 29, 2008.- STP will go down in history as one of the most influential bands of all time. Their music provided the soundtrack for many of us. You couldn’t turn on the radio back in the day without hearing “Creep”, “Big Empty”, or “Plush”. I was so freaking happy to score tickets to the reunion show. STP was a band I discovered in the magical year (for me) of 1994. Seeing them live had me pretty emotional. Scott Weiland (Lord bless him) was a beast on stage! He was clean, sober, and ready to rock! His voice was so pure and beautiful live. That man has sung me to sleep on many nights. Dean, Robert, and Eric (guitarist, bassist, and drummer) were just magical. Those mofos are unbelievably talented; every note was on freaking point. I’m thankful I was able to see them.

7. Queensryche: An Evening With Queensryche Tour at Verizon Theatre. Friday. October 15, 2004.- Seeing Queensryche left me speechless because I was just in awe of their legendary talent. I had really gotten into them about two years prior to seeing them. I’m not even going to lie… I was wondering if Geoff Tate could still hit those high notes. Geoff hit those notes and shut the venue down!!!

6. Jill Scott: The Real Thing Tour at Verizon Theatre. Tuesday February 19, 2008.- Jill’s talent can’t be denied. The woman is phenomenal, for realz. Seeing her in concert was totally exciting for me. Jilly from Philly can sing her ass-and other body parts, off! The vibe of her show was very chill, and welcoming. I felt like I was hanging out with a bunch of homies, and jamming. I got high off her music that night. I was moving and swaying like a damn hippie at Woodstock! When Jill performed “My Love” my dramatic behind was about to cry. I was really feeling those lyrics that night. Do yourself a favor and see Jill when she comes to your neck of the woods.

5. Nine Inch Nails: Fragility V 2.0 Tour at the (then) Starplex Amphitheatre. Tuesday March 23, 2000.- Damn, I miss being nineteen! I was introduced to NIN at age thirteen, and I damn near broke down when my bud bought me a ticket to see them. This was my first ever concert! Of course I wasn’t disappointed and loved every second of the experience!! Trent did his thing and it was epic. Being in attendance was one of the coolest moments of my life. Singing the lyrics to “Closer” with thousands of other fans was freaking surreal.

4. Janet Jackson: All For You Tour at American Airlines Center. Saturday September 22, 2001.- Janet Jackson is the queen of everything! No one can touch that bad ass, one woman wrecking machine. Janet performs like she’s not even of this Earth. Janet’s from Mars and that’s why she’s bossome. She’s otherworldly. Anyhoo, this was a show that almost didn’t happen. Eleven days earlier was the tragedy that was September 11th. I was nervous that the show would have been postponed. The show went on, and it was everything that I hoped it would be! A major emotional moment came courtesy of a fan waving a little American flag. The moment was caught on camera/big screen, and everyone cheered. Best moment of the show was seeing Janet dance her ass off during the infamous breakdown to “If”. I was fucking done!

3. Prince: Musicology Tour at American Airlines Center. Friday April 2, 2004.- Prince is an explosive force that we should be thanking God for daily. He’s so talented and such a prolific individual. I’ve been a Prince fan since forever due to my dad’s influence. He was the ultimate Prince fan! Daddy even saw Prince open for The Stones way back in the day! Seeing Prince in concert was like a blessing realized; a moment in time I’ll never forget. He was just inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, a few months earlier which made the concert extra special. Prince gave his all on stage. Watching him was both exhausting and mesmerizing, all at once. The crowd was hyped and under his spell the whole time. I went ape-shit when he closed the show with “Purple Rain”. That damn guitar solo… Lawd! It was electrifying!

2. Soundgarden: Reunion Tour at Verizon Theatre. Wednesday October 26, 2011.- I never thought I would be able to see Soundgarden. I became a fanatic in 94, but by 97 the band had broken up, and I was crushed. So, when I found out that my boys were reuniting I was freaking giddy. In high school my walls were covered with Soundgarden posters. I would sing the lyrics to every song when I listened to their albums. Soundgarden was deeply embedded in my system. At the show the band slayed the fans! For over two hours I sang, yelled, and screamed my way through their amazing set. They performed all my beloved jams and everything was right with the world. I should mention that I had a skin graft procedure two weeks before the show. I was rocking a bandaged up thigh and was on pain meds. All was forgotten once I saw Chris, Kim, Ben, and Matt on stage! They made my 2011 extra special.

1. Tool: Lateralus Tour at Reunion Arena. Wednesday October 24, 2001.- Experiencing a Tool show for the first time was a definitive moment of my early twenties. I would go on to see the band four more times, but this first show turned me out! Tool brings something different to the table. There’s a reason why Tool has die-hard, hardcore, willing to sacrifice their cats type of fans. Seeing them live will leave you hypnotized by the music, and the energy. When the lights in the building went out signaling that Tool was about to shut it down, I started screaming. And for well over two hours I was blissed out. There was a dude behind me smoking weed, and I totally had a buzz. Talk about having the time of my life…

Hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane.

Cheers, homies!

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