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What I’m Digging #2

It’s time for another edition of What I’m Digging! I’m soooo excited! Let’s get started.

YTYouTube Channels: Awhile back I discovered Stick It To The Wick; a channel focusing on Scentsy, and other home smell goodz. Because I’m such a home smell goodz nut, I enjoyed the reviews on wax melts, and candles found on this channel. Stick It To The Wick has a new beauty channel under Bri Adams, and it’s so worth checking out. Bri’s beauty channel includes hauls, reviews, monthly favorites, and tutorials. Bri’s channel is digging worthy because she features both inexpensive, and high-end products. Her knowledge and passion for the products gets me so hyped! I swear I want to spend all the money that I don’t have. 😀 I love the fact that Bri isn’t phony or pretentious. She has a fun and relatable personality that you will love the hell out of! So please check out her original channel here. And check out her beauty channel here.

JackieTV: I’ve just started watching Nurse Jackie on Netflix, and I’m soooo into this ish!! I crack up hardcore during each episode. The show is so well written that laughing is inevitable. The show revolves around Jackie (played by the hella talented Edie Falco), who is an ER nurse at a busy NYC hospital. Jackie is addicted to painkillers, and she gets the majority of her meds from the hospital pharmacist she’s sexing on the low. Did I mention that she’s a married mom of two?! I’m trying to figure Jackie out as a character, and I’m having fun learning more about her.

The Walking Dead has been kicking more ass than Bruce Lee during its sixth season! Yessss! Each episode has me in strange trance where a sista can’t be reached, at least until the show is over. The last four episodes have been giving me life! The season finale will be an unforgettable episode. I’m so hyped! And I’m ready to meet Negan!!

Dollar Tree: I have an unhealthy infatuation with this store. I go into a manic frenzy whenever I walk through the doors. There are so many bossome treasures in the DT, that I love getting my hands on. Last week I spotted Krispy Kreme Candles. I snatched those bad boys up, and was hella giddy when I put them in my cart. I bought the Maple Iced Doughnut scent, and the Raspberry Filled Doughnut scent; both have exceeded my expectations. The candles produce such a pleasant, sweet, and yummy scent. The whole house smelled like a bakery, and I was all about that.

white.jpg Books: “White Belt” by Faye McCray had been an unexpected, but enjoyable surprise. “White Belt” takes place during the zombie apocalypse. The story is told by our protagonist, Dani, a college student, who is in way over her head. I was fearful that since I’m knee-deep in The Walking Dead universe, that maybe I wouldn’t enjoy this story. I was wrong and I loved the hell out of this! Coming up with a fresh-and engaging, storyline for a zombie apocalypse would seem difficult, but “White Belt” rises to the occasion.

angels“Dirty Angels” by Karina Halle is considered to be a “dark” story, and I can understand why. Violence (physical and sexual) is abundant, but it didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the story. Luisa Chavez is a waitress working in the touristy section of Mexico. She works hard to care for her ailing parents, and just wishes for something better. A leader of a drug cartel makes Luisa an offer she can’t refuse; and the story gets going from there. Ms. Halle has a way of making you loathe a character one minute, and then fall in love with his ass the next minute. She did that in such a smooth way… like drinking  a glass of tropical punch and then realizing it was laced with rum, when it’s too late.

kit Food: White Chocolate Kit-Kat Mini’s are everything!!!

Cheers, homies!



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When I love something I become insanely passionate about it! I'm a writer/poet who is into books, music, all things beauty, fragrances, candles, and all other kinds of bossome ish. I'm a Christian, but I'm more spiritual than religious. I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on a few of my fav subjects.

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