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The BS That Aspiring Writers Deal With

typeish To me, an aspiring writer is someone diligently working on making their dreams come true, no matter what. Whether they want to be a playwright, screenwriter, or published author, an aspiring writer gives their all. They’re simply working on their craft, and are trying to become established. I believe that although writers are born with a gift, it’s important to feed the beast on a daily basis.

Sometimes we up and comers are belittled for putting so much energy into a “hobby”. True, I’m not getting paid for creating worlds that only I inhabit, but I will. Writing is way more than just a hobby for me. I put my heart and soul into this writing thing. I’m not screwing around. I just don’t get why aspiring writers are not always respected. Writing is a better vice than smoking crack, or shooting up heroin. And yet aspiring writers are continuously being shitted on by those closest to them.

I want to let my fellow writers know that they should ignore the bs. The ones disrespecting your talent, and craft today will be the same ones trying to leech off you later. Now, go and write something dope!

Cheers, homies!



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