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What I’m Digging #1

Here’s a list of things that I currently can’t get enough of.

Music: I’m into all genres of music and so are my homies. Being friends with other music lovers is a blessing; I’m exposed to so many new sounds. My bud, Cosalyn, has introduced me to a band out of Houston named Oceans Of Slumber. Oceans Of Slumber are a progressive metal band with a sound that has turned me into an instant junkie. When Cos told me about the band, I swear I listened to them for like four days straight. The songs I’m digging the most are “Winter”, “God In Skin”, “Suffer The Last Bridge”, and “Memoriam”. If you’re into melodic, soul-stirring, progressive metal, then please check this band out! Their new album “Winter” will be released on March 4, 2016.ocs

Metallica has rocked my world (that was so damn corny) since I was fifteen, and twenty years later I still adore them. Lately, I’ve been digging their incredible fourth album “…And Justice For All”. When I first got into the band this album never left my stereo. I’ve recently re-discovered just how dope “Justice” is. Standout tracks include “Blackened”, “…And Justice For All”, “One”, “The Frayed Ends Of Sanity”, and “Dyers Eve”.jus

Books: I’m fascinated by the mob and drug cartels. Don’t ask me why. Stories with gangster elements really does it for me. I’ve been digging erotic romance novels featuring mobsters, and hit men. Yes, there is such a thing and it’s bossome! I’m reading for the second time “The Enforcer” by Kaye Blue. Kaye is an author who hasn’t disappointed me yet. Her stories will hold you hostage every time, and I have no complaints about that. “The Enforcer” is about an enforcer/trained killer for the mob, who falls for a woman who works at a diner that he frequents. Sounds simple, but this story is so complex, and multi-layered. My emotions were all over the place after my first read. Ms. Blue’s Romanian Mob Chronicles series is a must read! The male characters are strong alphas who only bow to their women. The female characters are all intelligent, gorgeous, and are curvy. As a plus-sized woman I can dig that.enf

Speaking of alluring women with devastating curves, another book I’m reading for the second time is “Curvy Ever After” by best-selling author, Twyla Turner. This was the collection that made me pissed that I don’t have a hot man to act out some of the… let me stop putting myself out there like that. šŸ˜€ But, I know you get what I was trying to say. “Curvy Ever After” is an erotic short story collection inspired by classic fairy tales. Each story features a curvy heroine, and a hero who can’t get enough of her. I was pleased with every single story, and that usually doesn’t happen with me and most short story collections. Most collections have like just four overwhelmingly impressive stories, and the rest are bullshit. “Curvy Ever After” was a five star read! I fell in love with Twyla’sĀ  work because her brand is all about lifting up all the sexy, and thick ladies of the world. Twyla’s characters are women who are desired and lusted after; and it’s not like a fetish or anything. I’ll have more about Ms. Turner in an upcoming author spotlight, so look out for it.cea

I plan on doing a lot more of these lists. If there’s anything that you want to turn me on to, then go ahead and let me know. Until next time…

Cheers, homies! Stay blessed!



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When I love something I become insanely passionate about it! I'm a writer/poet who is into books, music, all things beauty, fragrances, candles, and all other kinds of bossome ish. I'm a Christian, but I'm more spiritual than religious. I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on a few of my fav subjects.

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  1. Thank you, Squash!!! I’m truly honored that you featured my book. I also feel supremely blessed to have some of the most incredible readers! And you my friend are on the list of best readers ever! Thank you for all your support.šŸ˜˜

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