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The Richonne Era

Richonne I’ve been a die hard fan of The Walking Dead since season 1, episode 1; so my love for the show runs deep. Season 6 is becoming one of my favorites of the series. Episode 9 was so unbelievable that my expectations for episode 10 weren’t really high. TWD is known for throwing in a few filler episodes each season, and I honestly was expecting one on last night. But, episode 10 was pretty freaking dope! Although, I enjoyed the entire episode, there was one scene that made me lose my damn mind. I’m calling that end scene the beginning of The Richonne Era.

I’ve been waiting for Michonne and Rick to go beyond friendship for a long time. During season 4 there was so much undeniable chemistry between the pair; it was subtle, but ooh it was there. Unfortunately, a love connection seemed to be more like a pipe dream, more than anything. I lost all hope and just gave up on Richonne. Damn, I was more optimistic about my own love life than for Richonne’s. 😀 Believe me that’s a hella strong statement, but let me stay on topic.

When Rick kissed Jessie (season 6, epi 5), I rolled my eyes, and accepted the inevitable. I threw my hands up and went on with life. 😀 Even after Jessie was ripped to shreds in epi 9, the possibility of Richonne still wasn’t even on my radar.

At the beginning of epi 10, we learn that Michonne has been living with the Grimes crew. Even seeing Michonne in a robe went over my head. My best bud (heyyy, Damon!)said that scene was a strong example of foreshadowing, and he was right as usual. Anyhoo, I was just happy that everyone seemed to be in domestic bliss. Hecks, all four of them deserved that. I love how Michonne is with Carl, and Judith- who is looking more and more like Shane! 😀 Let me stop.

I was waiting for the conclusion of the epi when the unthinkable happened, Michonne and Rick were having a moment. They held hands the sexy way with their fingers interlocked, the best and only way to do it. After that it was on, yo!!! OMG!!! Social Media went freaking nuts! I was getting texts from my fellow TWD enthusiasts! Remy- our beloved dog, was looking at me like “damn I wish you had a life!”. I was really into the moment.Good times, man, a real stone cold groove for all the Dead Heads. The scene was totally impactful and I was all in. Afterwards, the scene with Richonne basking in post- love bliss was beautiful. The contrast between Michonne’s deeply rich skin tone against Rick’s body was enough for me to say… I won’t add in what I said because there was a lot of swearing, but from a writer’s standpoint that contrast was quite poetic.

Words can’t express how thrilled I am about The Richonne Era. I’ve hoped and longed for this union for so long, now it’s a reality!

But for how long…

Cheers, homies!



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  1. You know me, I’m not even a super fan but was geeked to see swirl (BWWM) action on prime time TV!😁

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