What Is Up With Scandal?

scandal Scandal premiered on ABC on April 5, 2012, and from the start I was hooked. Kerry Washington brought me to the table, but the never ending drama kept me seated. Kerry has been my fav actress since seeing her in “I Think I Love My Wife”, so she was the main reason why I tuned in. For five seasons we have followed the personal, and professional life of Olivia Pope. Olivia is one of the most dynamic, and complex characters ever created for television. Her antics had me continuously tuning in every week. There have been so many “what the hell?!” moments that there was never a dull episode.

Unfortunately, this Gladiator is starting to lose her enthusiasm. My heart is damn near broken over revealing such horrific news. 😥 My passion began to fade sometime during season four. It happened so gradually that I can’t pinpoint what episode- or event, did it. Papa Pope was the saving grace for me. He forced me to keep watching just to figure out what he would do next. Then my homie, Tunesia (hey, Pep!), and I would text each other about Papa Pope, or just the show in general. Now our texts are like “WTF?”, that episode sucked.

I’m a loyal fan, but the show just isn’t doing it for me anymore. Seriously, I feel as if the thrill is gone. Don’t get me wrong, there have been a few great episodes in the last two seasons, but damn. It’s like going from a slice of cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory, to a slice of Wal-Mart cheesecake, the quality is lacking, even though the Wal-Mart slice may kill your sugar craving. I find myself taking bathroom and snack breaks while the show is on, versus waiting for the commercial break. That’s the severity of the situation, that’s how far my love has diminished.

I’m hoping that the writers are in the kitchen cooking up something… something to make my mouth water again. I need this show to start kicking ass again. I’m going to hold on for as long as I can.

Cheers, homies!


The Richonne Era

Richonne I’ve been a die hard fan of The Walking Dead since season 1, episode 1; so my love for the show runs deep. Season 6 is becoming one of my favorites of the series. Episode 9 was so unbelievable that my expectations for episode 10 weren’t really high. TWD is known for throwing in a few filler episodes each season, and I honestly was expecting one on last night. But, episode 10 was pretty freaking dope! Although, I enjoyed the entire episode, there was one scene that made me lose my damn mind. I’m calling that end scene the beginning of The Richonne Era.

I’ve been waiting for Michonne and Rick to go beyond friendship for a long time. During season 4 there was so much undeniable chemistry between the pair; it was subtle, but ooh it was there. Unfortunately, a love connection seemed to be more like a pipe dream, more than anything. I lost all hope and just gave up on Richonne. Damn, I was more optimistic about my own love life than for Richonne’s. 😀 Believe me that’s a hella strong statement, but let me stay on topic.

When Rick kissed Jessie (season 6, epi 5), I rolled my eyes, and accepted the inevitable. I threw my hands up and went on with life. 😀 Even after Jessie was ripped to shreds in epi 9, the possibility of Richonne still wasn’t even on my radar.

At the beginning of epi 10, we learn that Michonne has been living with the Grimes crew. Even seeing Michonne in a robe went over my head. My best bud (heyyy, Damon!)said that scene was a strong example of foreshadowing, and he was right as usual. Anyhoo, I was just happy that everyone seemed to be in domestic bliss. Hecks, all four of them deserved that. I love how Michonne is with Carl, and Judith- who is looking more and more like Shane! 😀 Let me stop.

I was waiting for the conclusion of the epi when the unthinkable happened, Michonne and Rick were having a moment. They held hands the sexy way with their fingers interlocked, the best and only way to do it. After that it was on, yo!!! OMG!!! Social Media went freaking nuts! I was getting texts from my fellow TWD enthusiasts! Remy- our beloved dog, was looking at me like “damn I wish you had a life!”. I was really into the moment.Good times, man, a real stone cold groove for all the Dead Heads. The scene was totally impactful and I was all in. Afterwards, the scene with Richonne basking in post- love bliss was beautiful. The contrast between Michonne’s deeply rich skin tone against Rick’s body was enough for me to say… I won’t add in what I said because there was a lot of swearing, but from a writer’s standpoint that contrast was quite poetic.

Words can’t express how thrilled I am about The Richonne Era. I’ve hoped and longed for this union for so long, now it’s a reality!

But for how long…

Cheers, homies!


A Prayer #1

Jesus, help me to always be loving and forgiving towards others. Sometimes the deep hurt, and anger I feel can be overpowering; especially when being mistreated is a consistent thing. I’ve been treated a certain way my entire life, but please release me from dwelling on that. I ask for You to keep me going, and to keep me constantly smiling. May I never lose what makes me bossome over some drama, or turmoil. Please bless me with a heart that’s always willing to forgive.

Mourning A Friendship

graves I feel as if I’m in mourning and I’m not digging it. A few weeks ago I had a falling out with one of my best friends. I admit that I’m really hurt behind all this. Hecks, this situation is just another brick in the wall of bs that has been 2016 so far. You never realize how large a presence someone has in your life… until you’re no longer speaking. Now, we have done this dance before; we would get into a huge fight, and all will get worked out. Something tells me that this time the demise of our friendship is final. This is someone I talked to on a daily basis, and saw often. I communicated with him more than anyone, and now that we’re not speaking I’m really feeling the sting, as of late.

Because I’m all about holding on to loved ones, I tried to reach out to my bud, but never received a response. 2016 has been a fairly dramatic year; a lot of unpleasant things have been happening. He was one of the first ones I would turn to whenever I was dealing with anything. In my heart I know I tried to make things right, and because of that I have to move past the situation. I don’t think the friendship can be salvaged, but I hope so. If not maybe this ending will be the catalyst for a new beginning. In the meantime, life has to go on.

Cheers, homies.

The Skin I’m In:My Experiences With Keloid Scars

I hope this post helps anyone going through similar circumstances. I have a skin condition that has caused so much chaos in my life. I have keloids. According to one medical site, keloids are defined as “an area of irregular fibrous tissue formed at the site of a scar or injury.” The definitions of keloids rarely- if ever, give the full story of the condition. Did you know that some people with keloids produce more histamine than non scarred people? There’s so much more to keloids, unfortunately. I consider myself to be somewhat of an expert. I’ve had keloids for over twenty-two years and counting.

I have keloids on my neck, jawline, back, shoulders, chest, and on the back of my thighs. As far as how many I have… I grew tired of counting after reaching a hundred. My first keloid formed on my chest in 94 when I was thirteen. It popped up on my chest without me ever being injured in that area. I thought it was a mosquito bite or something. About ninety-nine percent of my keloids are ones that just came out of nowhere; only one percent of my keloid formation was due to surgeries. During my teen years I received cortisone injections, but they never proved to be helpful. I just couldn’t deal with the injections anymore after a year.

Between the ages of nineteen and twenty-two more keloids formed. I started developing keloids on the jawline of my face; which was always my biggest fear. I’ve always worked retail gigs, so being in the public eye with visible keloids chipped away at my self-esteem. Around this time I noticed that my keloids began to get infected. Sometimes I had to miss work because of the infections, which were- and are, a real bitch to deal with.

I also started noticing that my keloids would get infected during any hormonal changes in my body(ovulation, menstrual cycle for example). I believe my keloid growth has to do with my hormones. This theory was frowned upon by a few Dermatologists at first, but now they’re singing my tune. Dermatologists and Endocrinologists both agree with my theory, but they still have been unable to help me. I should say here how important it is for keloid sufferers to be educated about the condition. My prayer is that one day I’ll meet a Doctor who will be able to treat me successfully. And so my search continues…

In September of 2011 half of the keloid on my jawline was extracted; followed by the extraction of the other half in June of 2012. In October of 2011 I had surgery for a skin graft of my right thigh, to replace the skin that was lost on the right side of my jawline. The skin graft site eventually turned into a keloid, but that wasn’t a surprise. The extraction procedure was risky, but I was told with radiation treatments that the keloids would unlikely reform. I was so incredibly happy! I felt liberated and made all kinds of plans; I planned to take pictures with my hair in a cute up-do hairstyle. This may sound trivial to some, but my ladies with keloids will get where I’m coming from. Unfortunately, within two to three years the keloids on my jawline grew back. I never did get the radiation treatments because Medicaid didn’t approve it.

Yep, I’m on Medicaid. Because of my keloids I’ve been on social security disability for almost five years now. I’m going to do a post about that entire process soon, trust me it wasn’t easy. I’m thankful for every single penny I get, but I don’t receive enough funds to live alone. Living with your mom at my age is a unique type of prison sentence. I’ll share about how real that struggle is in a future blog post. Lol.

That’s my history with keloids so far. Now, I’ll go into how they affect my daily life.

Chronic Pain/Discomfort: With keloids there’s constant itching no matter the season. I itch when it’s hot and when it’s cold. There’s also nerve damage in the skin with keloids. The sensation feels like each keloid is being stabbed with a needle, constantly. I take Benadryl and use coconut oil for the itching. And my doctor prescribed a medication for the nerve pain, so far it’s really helping. Praise God for that miracle. 🙂 My keloids are so massive on my chest that walking upright has now become a challenge. I have to force myself to walk straight when I’m in public. I deal with chronic infections and the pain is excruciating. An infected keloid is a hell I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Dealing with several infected keloids leaves me bed bound most times. I’m a writer trying to become a published author, and there’s a keloid on my right shoulder that gives me the blues when it’s infected. Not only can I not write, but dressing, doing my hair, or any activity using my right arm is beyond difficult.

Sleeping: Sleep doesn’t always come easy for me anymore. Some nights I’m able to get comfortable enough to sleep, other days not so much. And folks wonder why I can be moody.

Clothes/Shopping: I haven’t been able to wear a low cut top since I was thirteen. I’m forced to wear something underneath all my tops; which is uncomfortable with all the extra material. Shopping used to be fun, but now I really don’t enjoy it. God blessed me with this awesome rack, and I’m unable to show cleavage! I mean damn! 😀 Seriously though, I feel like a granny with having to be fully covered.

Isolation: Having keloids makes you feel so alone. No one can understand living with keloids unless they have them. Thank God for the KeloidScars support group on Facebook. I don’t feel as isolated as I used to. The members are so kind and supportive. I encourage anyone dealing with keloids to join this group.

Stares/Negative Attention: I wear my hair down to cover the keloids on my face. The only folks who see the keloids on my body are medical personnel. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to being looked at; the experience is always awkward as hell.

I know I didn’t cover everything with this post, which is why I will be doing plenty more posts about keloids. I do want to mention that the only thing that keeps me going is my faith. If I didn’t have God then I wouldn’t be here to write/type this out. I can’t lie though, sometimes I’m overwhelmed by my keloids. I was recently diagnosed with having mild depression, and I know my keloids have something to do with that. But, deep within me is this warrior and she’s a fighter. She, I mean I have so much hope, and optimism about my condition. I along with many others, will be included in that first group of keloid sufferers who will receive total victory, and healing over this condition.

Cheers, homies!

I would like to dedicate this post to my loved ones who deal with me. And to my peeps in the Keloid Scars group.

Alternative Black Girl Tag

The Alternative Black Girl Tag was created by one of my fav YouTubers, RyMingTahn (pronounced Remington). The tag was started to celebrate the uniquely original black women of the world; the ones who are often overlooked. We are sistas who are free-spirited, rock wild hair colors, we tend to be unconventional, and listen to all genres of music. Of course there’s more to it than my description, but you get the idea. I may not have the “alternative” look, but I totally am someone who marches to the beat of my own drum. I don’t have a YouTube channel, so I decided to just post this tag on the blogy blog.

1. How did you know that you were different?

I’ve known I was different since I was five. I’ve always been into things that others weren’t. I just had this feeling that I wasn’t like everyone else.

2. Do people judge you?

In high school my “blackness” was questioned because I rocked Metallica shirts. Being judged now on my alternativeness isn’t so much of an issue.

3. What does your family think?

My immediate family don’t really care, but my distant relatives seem to think I’m odd.

4. How do you stay true to yourself?

I do whatever is in my heart to do. No matter what I have to be me.

5. Who and what inspires you?

Any individual who lives life on their own terms inspires me. I’m also heavily influenced by literature, music, art, spirituality, and philosophy. More than anything though the message of love from Jesus is inspiring; and I’m trying to love others the way he loves.

6. What does your significant other think?

I’m single now, but I’m sure my future mate would appreciate my uniqueness.

This was really fun to do. I hope RyMingTahn comes out with a part two. 🙂

Cheers, homies!