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My Top 10 Bath And Body Works Scents

Bath & Body Works is the most magical company on earth. Lol. I’ve worn their products since I was a teenager in the nineties; and now as a thirty-five year old I’m still hooked. B&BW is crack! Here’s an overview of the scents I adore the most. I’ll include the notes, and the best time of day-or season, to rock the fragrance. *You can technically wear a fragrance whenever, but I believe that some scents just pop more during certain times.

10. Black Raspberry Vanilla- Fragrance notes: blackberry, black currant, creamy sandalwood, vanilla orchid, taffeta musk. Black Raspberry Vanilla is an unstoppable mix of sweet and warmth. In my opinion BRV is a nighttime fragrance, and is perfect for Fall or Winter. It’s available online only and comes in a fine fragrance mist, a body cream, and shower gel. BRV

9. Mahogany Teakwood- When I found out that my fav candle sent was also available as a body care item… I seriously lost my shit. Fragrance notes: mahogany, delicate lavender, teakwood, feathered musk. MT has a heavy musk scent, but is balanced out by the lavender. Honestly, it smells like a men’s cologne, but that’s probably what I love most about the scent; it’s really unique. MT should be worn at night and is perfect during the cooler months. This amazing scent is available online only in a fine fragrance mist, body lotion, body cream, shower gel, and in the home fragrance line (candles, room sprays, hand soaps, etc.). MT

8. Beautiful Day- Fragrance notes: sun-kissed apple, dewy pear, sparkling cassis, white peach. B&BW are known of course for their fruity scents, and Beautiful Day doesn’t disappoint. BD is an ideal Spring/Summer scent; it can be worn at any time of the day. BD can be purchased in stores, or online. It comes in a fine fragrance mist, an eau de toilette, and in the home fragrance line. BD

7. Violet Lily Sky- Fragrance notes: violet blooms, sparkling bergamot, lily petals. I was debating whether to include this one or not; unfortunately it’s unavailable. Trust me, I’m holding on hardcore to what I have. I don’t get why this scent was discontinued because it smells heavenly. I’m still brokenhearted over the situation. VLS can be found on Amazon or Ebay, but folks are overcharging (surprise). Man, it was such an boss scent. RIP, VLS. VLS

6. Twilight Woods- Fragrance notes: juicy berry, wild freesia, musk, vanilla milk, warm wood. A heroine in an erotic romance novel would use TW. She would spray it on to feel extra desirable. The floral and wood notes makes TW an intoxicating scent. I think you can get away with wearing this whenever the mood hits. TW is available online only in the fine fragrance mist, body lotion, shower gel, and body cream. TW

5. Enchanted Orchid- Fragrance notes: calypso orchid, pink grapefruit, fresh gardenia. Enchanted Orchid is a lovely and lush scent. I fell in love with EO upon the first sniff; and I wore it every damn day for a week. It can be worn at any time of day during any season. EO is available online in the fragrance mist, and body lotion. EO

4. Moonlight Path- Fragrance notes: sheer lavender, bergamot, star rose, sandalwood, soft musk. Moonlight Path was introduced to me by my best bud during our trip to Las Vegas. Once I smelled it I instantly had to have it. Baby powder and soft musk may not traditionally go together, but with this scent it’s a marriage made in fragrance heaven. MP is considered to be a “heavy” scent which is why nighttime wearing is best. I loved spraying it on during the Fall/Winter. MP is available in stores and online in the fine fragrance mist, a golden sugar scrub, body cream, shower gel, and in the home line. MPath

3. Midnight Pomegranate- Fragrance notes: ruby red pomegranate, jasmine, iris, raspberry, blackberry spice, patchouli, musk, sandalwood. MP is the equivalent to a Sade jam; it’s alluring, sensual, and lingering. The mix of fruit, florals, and musk is everything! MP should exclusively be worn at night, but you can wear it during any season. It’s available in stores and online in a fine fragrance mist, body cream, body lotion, and shower gel. Mid

2. Sea Island Cotton- Fragrance notes: crisp white cotton, clean linen, lily of the valley, ocean musk, sandalwood, vanilla bean. SIC has a really fresh and clean scent that’s long-lasting. I can imagine wearing this during a late night stroll on the beach. You can wear SIC anytime during any season. It’s available online and in stores in a fine fragrance mist, body cream, body lotion, shower gel, and in some items of the home line. SIC

1. Japanese Cherry Blossom- Fragrance notes: Japanese cherry blossom, Asian pear, Fuji apple, butterfly lily, Kyoto rose, vanilla rice, sandalwood. Warning!!! Spraying on JCB will make you feel like a seductress. You can’t help but feel sexy when wearing it. JCB should be worn at night, and it was made for cooler temperatures. Yass! JCB will have potential lovers falling at your feet. Lol. It’s available in stores or online, and it comes in a fine fragrance mist, body cream, body lotion, shower gel, eau de toilette, and in the home line. JCB

Cheers, homies!


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