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Strange Dudes

   Norman  For reasons unknown strange dudes are really drawn to me. What? It’s not my fault… don’t give me that look. You know damn well what I’m talking about. I attract strange dudes and I’m upset about it. Complaining about being single is something I rarely do anymore. After all, who the hell wants to screw a Norman Bates type?Marion Crane Marion Crane just had a five minute conversation with Norman… and you see how that situation played out. Psycho is an extraordinary movie, by the way.

     Back in the day I gave my number to “Ray”, a man I met at Bible study. Surely there aren’t strange dudes at church. All the amazing men attend church services, right? LOL. Ray turned strange so fast that it made my head spin, like Linda Blair in The Exorcist. Ray was attracted because I was a virgin at the time. Soon as he found out that tidbit, I became a challenge for him. Ray would pop up at my job during his lunch break. He would just stare as I assisted customers. I was in my early twenties and working at The Gap. I became creeped out by Ray more and more. The fact that he expected my attention while I worked was freaking stupid. Eventually, we lost touch, but he has found me on Facebook. Damn you, social media!

     “Max” was a strange dude I met on the bus. Once he found out that I was into romantic gestures he did all he could to woo me. The fool threw pennies at my front door one time! Seriously! When I gave him my number I didn’t know his mom lived around the corner. I met him while riding the bus on the other side of town. Max got a new car and he started driving by my house. He could give a detailed report on when I left the house, and who came over to hang. Eventually, Max became obsessed with one of my best friends; thus ending the horrid ordeal. Oddly enough, he’s still really into her. 😀

     “Sam” is the current annoyingly strange dude. I really don’t want to go off on him because he’s nice. I met him back in the day, we lost contact, and he found me on Facebook. Facebook is the damn devil, I swear! Again, Sam is nice, but he has some strange tendencies. He is ALWAYS the first person to “like”, or comment on my Fb posts. He “likes” my posts before anyone else! Every. Single. Time. Damn! I like attention, but not in that way. I feel like I’m being Fb stalked in a sense. I don’t want to hurt his feelings, but I’m becoming irritated- beyond irritated.

     May 2016 be the year that I meet an amazing guy; with no issues, or hang ups!

     Cheers, homies! Happy New Year! God bless!


About Se'Quasha Smith

I'm a writer/poet/aspiring author who is hardcore obsessed with books, music, movies, dope TV shows, and a ton of other random ish.

2 responses to “Strange Dudes

  1. Lin ⋅

    I hear ya on the strange dudes. Either I attract weirdos or no good two timing men who just want to have sex and go back to the wife/girlfriend/fiance that they didn’t bother to tell me about. May 2016 be the year that we find good ones, and have the ability to suss out the bad ones well in advance.


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