My Top 10 Episodes Of The Twilight Zone 1959-1964

zone Innovative. Mysterious. Suspenseful. Complex. I’m referring to the iconic anthology series created by the genius, Rod Serling. The Zone (as I call it) lasted 5 seasons, and had 156 episodes. Here are my top 10 episodes of the show that was truly ahead of its time.

10. Ep 61. Season 2. The Silence- The setting is a highbrow men’s club; and involves an annoying chatterbox named Jamie Tennyson, and an OG of the club named Colonel Archie Taylor. The Colonel was frustrated with Tennyson for running his mouth constantly, and bet Tennyson that he couldn’t shut the hell up for an entire year. Tennyson accepted the bet and a special glass room was created, for monitoring purposes within the club. I don’t want to spoil the episode. I’ll just say this… don’t write a check that you can’t cash. Silence

9. Ep 54. Season 2. The Odyssey Of Flight 33- An aircraft and its occupants travel back in time, mysteriously. This episode had me transfixed from the start. I could feel the terror and fear that the crew and passengers felt. Captain Farver- the man in charge, remained cool, although the world was falling apart all around him.33

8. Ep 126. Season 5. Living Doll- Annabelle has recently married an asshole named Erich, and purchases a doll for her daughter, Christie. Christie gets this special gift because Erich treats her like crap. The doll- Talky Tina, turns out to be alive, and she really can’t stand Erich. Honestly, the doll was the only one looking out for Christie. Once Erich found out that Talky Tina was a living doll, he tried his best to get rid of her. And of course this causes conflict with his family. There’s no drama like family drama. The lesson from this episode is be careful how you treat people; they may just have a unique protector on their side.talky

7. Ep 58. Season 2. Long Distance Call- This episode was pretty heavy for the sixties. Billy, a young boy was gifted with a toy phone for his birthday. This phone is extraordinary because it allows him to communicate with his recently deceased grandmother. This episode creeped me out! I can’t say much more because this is a must-see epi.toy

6. Ep 73. Season 3. It’s A Good Life- Bill Mumy- the little boy from Long Distance Call, also stared in this stellar episode. Anthony is a six-year-old psychopath who runs his town. For reasons not explained, Anthony has all these strange powers, including telepathy. Using his mind Anthony can destroy, or create anything with his mind. All the adults are scared of him, because if he doesn’t like you then you’re pretty much screwed. Anthony sent his town back in the dark ages. All the modern conveniences of life displeased him, so he basically got rid of everything. The climax of the episode was during a party; Anthony allowed the town’s residents to watch an hour of TV . Unfortunately, that’s when some drama was stirred up, due to the frustration of living in Anthony’s world.  This is one hell of an episode.ant

5. Ep 7. Season 1. The Lonely- Not a well known episode, but it’s effective with conveying loneliness, and isolation. In the future an inmate named Corry- who claims he was wrongfully convicted, is sentenced to serve time on an asteroid. Four times a year a crew visits to bring supplies. Corry is slowly losing it, because of the lack of human interaction. The Captain of the crew- a guy named Allenby, has mercy on Corry, and leaves him with a special gift to ease his loneliness. corry

4. Ep 145. Season 5. The Masks- Jason Foster is a dying man, who invites his family over on the first night of Mardi Gras. Unfortunately, he’s related to a bunch of spoiled, greedy, and self-centered individuals. Basically Jason’s family are just waiting to collect a check after his death. After dinner Jason passes out some grotesque masks to his fam; Jason insists they put them on. Initially they refuse, but Jason informs them that in order to get their inheritance, they must wear the masks. And that’s when the real fun begins…masks

3. Ep 89. Season 3. To Serve Man- The Kanamits- aliens, land on earth with promises of helping mankind. There’s universal skepticism at first, but then the Kanamits show what they’re capable of, and all are amazed. As the Kanamits continue to wow the world, a group of government officials attempt to decode a book left behind at a U.N. meeting by one of the Kanamits. If they can decode the book, then the true motives will be known. The ending is classic!serve

2. Ep 8. Season 1. Time Enough At Last- The legendary Burgess Meredith plays Henry Bemis; a bank teller with a deep passion for reading. All Henry wanted was to just chill out, and read. Between his nagging wife, and his boss, they just wouldn’t let Henry be. All that was solved when the H-Bomb was dropped, as Henry was reading in the bank’s vault. The world was destroyed and Henry was the last man standing. Henry was distraught at first and considered suicide. But, then he discovered the public library, and all the books were intact. Henry was supposed to be in paradise with his new found discovery, but The Twilight Zone wasn’t about to let Henry be great. The ending was absolutely heartbreaking. bemis

1. Ep 64. Season 2. Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up?- The epi opens with two state troopers- in a bad snowstorm, investigating reports of a crashed spacecraft. A trail of footprints leads from the crash site, to a hole-in-the-wall diner. The diner is filled with stranded bus passengers waiting out the storm, along with the bus driver, and the diner cook. There were seven bus passengers in the diner, but we learn that only six were on the bus. The bus driver, the diner cook, the two state troopers, the bus passengers, and the viewer are all a part of the investigation to figure out who is the Martian. And you think you may have it figured out, but the ending- which reveals the Martian, will blow you away. m1 m3

Honorable Mentions: Ep 16. Season 1. The Hitch-Hiker. Ep 42. Season 2. The Eye Of The Beholder. Ep 123. Season 5. Nightmare At 20,000 Feet. And Ep 41. Season 2. The Howling Man.

Coming up with this list was hella difficult, but also so much fun. Enjoy!

Cheers, homies!


My Top 10 Bath And Body Works Scents

Bath & Body Works is the most magical company on earth. Lol. I’ve worn their products since I was a teenager in the nineties; and now as a thirty-five year old I’m still hooked. B&BW is crack! Here’s an overview of the scents I adore the most. I’ll include the notes, and the best time of day-or season, to rock the fragrance. *You can technically wear a fragrance whenever, but I believe that some scents just pop more during certain times.

10. Black Raspberry Vanilla- Fragrance notes: blackberry, black currant, creamy sandalwood, vanilla orchid, taffeta musk. Black Raspberry Vanilla is an unstoppable mix of sweet and warmth. In my opinion BRV is a nighttime fragrance, and is perfect for Fall or Winter. It’s available online only and comes in a fine fragrance mist, a body cream, and shower gel. BRV

9. Mahogany Teakwood- When I found out that my fav candle sent was also available as a body care item… I seriously lost my shit. Fragrance notes: mahogany, delicate lavender, teakwood, feathered musk. MT has a heavy musk scent, but is balanced out by the lavender. Honestly, it smells like a men’s cologne, but that’s probably what I love most about the scent; it’s really unique. MT should be worn at night and is perfect during the cooler months. This amazing scent is available online only in a fine fragrance mist, body lotion, body cream, shower gel, and in the home fragrance line (candles, room sprays, hand soaps, etc.). MT

8. Beautiful Day- Fragrance notes: sun-kissed apple, dewy pear, sparkling cassis, white peach. B&BW are known of course for their fruity scents, and Beautiful Day doesn’t disappoint. BD is an ideal Spring/Summer scent; it can be worn at any time of the day. BD can be purchased in stores, or online. It comes in a fine fragrance mist, an eau de toilette, and in the home fragrance line. BD

7. Violet Lily Sky- Fragrance notes: violet blooms, sparkling bergamot, lily petals. I was debating whether to include this one or not; unfortunately it’s unavailable. Trust me, I’m holding on hardcore to what I have. I don’t get why this scent was discontinued because it smells heavenly. I’m still brokenhearted over the situation. VLS can be found on Amazon or Ebay, but folks are overcharging (surprise). Man, it was such an boss scent. RIP, VLS. VLS

6. Twilight Woods- Fragrance notes: juicy berry, wild freesia, musk, vanilla milk, warm wood. A heroine in an erotic romance novel would use TW. She would spray it on to feel extra desirable. The floral and wood notes makes TW an intoxicating scent. I think you can get away with wearing this whenever the mood hits. TW is available online only in the fine fragrance mist, body lotion, shower gel, and body cream. TW

5. Enchanted Orchid- Fragrance notes: calypso orchid, pink grapefruit, fresh gardenia. Enchanted Orchid is a lovely and lush scent. I fell in love with EO upon the first sniff; and I wore it every damn day for a week. It can be worn at any time of day during any season. EO is available online in the fragrance mist, and body lotion. EO

4. Moonlight Path- Fragrance notes: sheer lavender, bergamot, star rose, sandalwood, soft musk. Moonlight Path was introduced to me by my best bud during our trip to Las Vegas. Once I smelled it I instantly had to have it. Baby powder and soft musk may not traditionally go together, but with this scent it’s a marriage made in fragrance heaven. MP is considered to be a “heavy” scent which is why nighttime wearing is best. I loved spraying it on during the Fall/Winter. MP is available in stores and online in the fine fragrance mist, a golden sugar scrub, body cream, shower gel, and in the home line. MPath

3. Midnight Pomegranate- Fragrance notes: ruby red pomegranate, jasmine, iris, raspberry, blackberry spice, patchouli, musk, sandalwood. MP is the equivalent to a Sade jam; it’s alluring, sensual, and lingering. The mix of fruit, florals, and musk is everything! MP should exclusively be worn at night, but you can wear it during any season. It’s available in stores and online in a fine fragrance mist, body cream, body lotion, and shower gel. Mid

2. Sea Island Cotton- Fragrance notes: crisp white cotton, clean linen, lily of the valley, ocean musk, sandalwood, vanilla bean. SIC has a really fresh and clean scent that’s long-lasting. I can imagine wearing this during a late night stroll on the beach. You can wear SIC anytime during any season. It’s available online and in stores in a fine fragrance mist, body cream, body lotion, shower gel, and in some items of the home line. SIC

1. Japanese Cherry Blossom- Fragrance notes: Japanese cherry blossom, Asian pear, Fuji apple, butterfly lily, Kyoto rose, vanilla rice, sandalwood. Warning!!! Spraying on JCB will make you feel like a seductress. You can’t help but feel sexy when wearing it. JCB should be worn at night, and it was made for cooler temperatures. Yass! JCB will have potential lovers falling at your feet. Lol. It’s available in stores or online, and it comes in a fine fragrance mist, body cream, body lotion, shower gel, eau de toilette, and in the home line. JCB

Cheers, homies!

Missing Her #1

I was raised by an incredible woman, my great-grandmother. She was beyond inspirational in every way possible. And Big Mama was such a positive woman of faith; my relationship with God was established through her. Today would have been her 102nd birthday. Although she passed ten years ago I think about her everyday. She was an amazing woman and I miss her so much.


Writing Goals For 2016

My favorite scripture is Philippians 4:13… I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  Believe me when I say I’ll be leaning on the Lord to keep me motivated- writing wise. Here’s a list of my writing goals for 2016.

1. I will completely finish my novel.

2. I want to self-publish a volume of poetry.

3. I want to start and complete a new short story each month.

4. I plan to start work on a new novel.

Now here’s a list of excuses that TRY to prevent a sista from being great.

1. Procrastination: I have to become more disciplined. Time isn’t a luxury and I can’t waste it.

2. Self-Doubt: I refuse to entertain self-doubt anymore. I’m bossome, damn it! I have some amazing stories to share. I can do this!

3. Health Issues: I will do as much as possible on my down days. There’s nothing wrong with taking notes, and researching in bed. I’m determined not to allow my health issues to keep me from reaching my goals. Jackie Collins- iconic author extraordinaire, wrote, and promoted six novels while battling stage four breast cancer. If she did it then I can kick some ass too!

4. Writer’s Block: I’ll take notes or something. As long as I keep writing the muse will always return.

5. Balance My Writing Resource Book Reading: Writing resource books are helpful, but I’m going to do more writing,  instead of reading about how to be a better writer.

Cue the Rocky theme song! It’s on!

Cheers, homies!


Top 10 Lists

I’m someone who just loves to put together lists. I also enjoy shows that do list style countdowns on whatever I’m interested in. I’ve been working on a few lists that I would like to post on the blogy blog. These lists have really made me use my brain, for realz. I’ve enjoyed putting them together. The first few will be posted this weekend.

Cheers, homies!

The Woman Who Loved Candles

Candles are a great mood setter; plus they engage the senses. I adore a delightful, bossome smelling, and long-lasting candle. Personally, I love for my bedroom to smell like a bakery, or a men’s department store fragrance counter. That gives you a little insight into what I dig scent wise. In this post I’m sharing a few of my candle staples.

     Bath & Body Works candles give me life! They’re a bit on the expensive side, but they usually have good sales. All candle lovers should sign up for the B&BW emails. At the right time their coupon discounts are on point. Normally the three wick candles are $22.00, but sometimes they go as low as $10.00. Mahogany Teakwood is my fav B&BW candle. The key notes are mahogany, oak, and frosted lavender. Basically the scent of Mahogany Teakwood reminds me of a man coming out the shower. And the candle is so potent because it’s heavily oil concentrated. This candle isn’t for someone who doesn’t dig strong scents. The way the delicate lavender notes mixes with the woodsy notes is unbelievable. Ooh wee, I love this candle!


     Wal Mart never came to mind when I thought about making candle purchases; but they have fantastic candles. 719 Walnut Avenue (located by the Glade candles) is Wal Mart’s answer to B&BW’s three wick candles. The price point is just under $5.00 so you can fill up that shopping cart! There are three scents that I’m overly obsessed with: Pumpkin Waffles, Rustic Lakehouse, and Mahogany Driftwood.

Pumpkin Waffles has key notes of maple syrup, brown sugar, and of course pumpkin waffles. The candle makes any room smell like a decadent dessert. The scent is long-lasting, mouthwatering, but not overwhelming.


Rustic Lakehouse is everything! I’ve gone through two candles since November, and I’m getting more. Rustic Lakehouse is another cologne type scent, with key notes of cedar, citrus, and green moss. Citrus isn’t usually my thing, but it’s a subtle background note of this candle. Long after you’ve blown out this candle the scent lingers.


Mahogany Driftwood is an obvious rip-off B&BW’s Mahogany Teakwood. Driftwood with its key notes of mahogany, cedar, and florals has a slightly lighter scent than Teakwood. With Driftwood the floral notes seem to run the show, which is totally fine with me.


For a future post I’ll talk about Scentsy. I’m wanting to try out some of their wax melts. A consultant for Scentsy that I watch on YouTube, sent out a catalog, and I know I’m in trouble.

Cheers, homies! 🙂

Dick Pics And The End Of Romance

What in the hell is wrong with this world?! Are the available men being corrupted by aliens or something? I’m referring to men who love sending dick pics. I received a few pics last year and was grossed out every time. I don’t want to see a picture of a dick if I’m not leasing it. And I really don’t want to see any that are deformed, oddly colored, or let’s be honest, small.

What happened to courting and romance? I admit that I’m a HOPELESS ROMANTIC. I’ve been this way since forever. I blame damn daytime television for turning me out when I was little. I used to tell my Big Mama that I would grow up, marry a cop, and then I would have her over for steak dinners every Sunday. Of course she thought that was cute, but inside I bet she was praying to Jesus about my off self.

I read romance (of the erotic variety), and for the last few years I’ve been writing it as well. So, it really hurts my heart to see how nonexistent romance is. I’m going to do a longer blog on this subject soon.

Dick pics are replacing bouquets of roses as the number one item sent by men. Staring at those pictures does nothing for my lower region. I mean what do they expect us to say? How is someone supposed to respond after getting one?

I’m thirty-five, dang it! I’m too old to deal with bullshit of this variety. Cary Grant didn’t send dick pics; Billy Dee Williams didn’t either. Yeah, I know they didn’t have cell phones, but still. Where the heck is my distinguished gentleman? 😀

Can a sista get a love letter?

Cheers, homies!

Strange Dudes

   Norman  For reasons unknown strange dudes are really drawn to me. What? It’s not my fault… don’t give me that look. You know damn well what I’m talking about. I attract strange dudes and I’m upset about it. Complaining about being single is something I rarely do anymore. After all, who the hell wants to screw a Norman Bates type?Marion Crane Marion Crane just had a five minute conversation with Norman… and you see how that situation played out. Psycho is an extraordinary movie, by the way.

     Back in the day I gave my number to “Ray”, a man I met at Bible study. Surely there aren’t strange dudes at church. All the amazing men attend church services, right? LOL. Ray turned strange so fast that it made my head spin, like Linda Blair in The Exorcist. Ray was attracted because I was a virgin at the time. Soon as he found out that tidbit, I became a challenge for him. Ray would pop up at my job during his lunch break. He would just stare as I assisted customers. I was in my early twenties and working at The Gap. I became creeped out by Ray more and more. The fact that he expected my attention while I worked was freaking stupid. Eventually, we lost touch, but he has found me on Facebook. Damn you, social media!

     “Max” was a strange dude I met on the bus. Once he found out that I was into romantic gestures he did all he could to woo me. The fool threw pennies at my front door one time! Seriously! When I gave him my number I didn’t know his mom lived around the corner. I met him while riding the bus on the other side of town. Max got a new car and he started driving by my house. He could give a detailed report on when I left the house, and who came over to hang. Eventually, Max became obsessed with one of my best friends; thus ending the horrid ordeal. Oddly enough, he’s still really into her. 😀

     “Sam” is the current annoyingly strange dude. I really don’t want to go off on him because he’s nice. I met him back in the day, we lost contact, and he found me on Facebook. Facebook is the damn devil, I swear! Again, Sam is nice, but he has some strange tendencies. He is ALWAYS the first person to “like”, or comment on my Fb posts. He “likes” my posts before anyone else! Every. Single. Time. Damn! I like attention, but not in that way. I feel like I’m being Fb stalked in a sense. I don’t want to hurt his feelings, but I’m becoming irritated- beyond irritated.

     May 2016 be the year that I meet an amazing guy; with no issues, or hang ups!

     Cheers, homies! Happy New Year! God bless!